My Purple Day! Its a violette

  1. Hello... its my birthday today and so my very own present to myself is the Vernis Bellevue PM.

    I am so happy that I got her and its only released today.. my SA called me on Monday and told me to come down today to have a look and I was drooling over her & the gorgeous color! The smell that emits from her is just intoxicating! OMG, I am over the moon and I even got a violette Nappa wallet (bought from Miu Miu - heh:rolleyes:) to match her.. (coz I cant bear spending the price of a bag for a LV vernis wallet, as much as I would love to, KWIM?)

    Now, I wonder should I use her tommorow or save it for later, haahha:shame:
    DSC00869.JPG DSC00871.JPG DSC00875.JPG DSC00874.JPG DSC00872.JPG
  2. OMG. Gorgeous!!! Congrats!!
  3. Oh and happy birthday!! what a great present.
  4. great color !
  5. Gorgeous! It looks fab on you.
    Happy birthday!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :woohoo::drinkup:

    That's an absolutely beautiful bag! It's the smaller size right? It looks just perfect on you.

    You should take it out today and celebrate your birthday.
  7. happy birthday ....great the colour:love:
  8. It's so cute! Does it have shimmer?
  9. Thanks to all! I was sooo tempted to use her the moment I stepped out of the store...hee hee.. tom is Sat.. maybe I will bring her out.. and my DH bought a pair of Adidas running shoes... hahaha....can't believe it..
  10. It certainly looks shiny & yummy:upsidedown::upsidedown:
  11. wow! looks so yummy!!! thanks for the sharing the pics! can it be used on the shoulder or just the arm? :smile:
  12. Happy Birthday and congrats!!!!
  13. Happy Birthday and congrats on your new vernis!
  14. beautiful bag!
    Congrats! and happy b-day!
  15. Happy Birthday & Congratulations on your gorgeous bag!