My purple cervo lux bag is showing cracks

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  1. hi ladies

    this is my first post on Prada forum. :biggrin:

    I bought my bag from Prada HK last Sept and prob used it a total of <10 times till now and I love the look of the bag, chains and shine and all.

    but i wonder why the leather is showing cracks. this makes the bag look really oooold and used :sad:

    I have taken pix, but dunno how to cut and paste here. can someone pls teach me? i hv tried attaching the pix but i think the pix are too huge.

  2. Hope you can post pix, and sorry about this. The treated finishes are really having problems w/ all the brands--not good :sad:
  3. ok, I'll try.

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  4. it worked! thanks aloutte!

    It looks bad doesn't it? and I didn't even use the bag more than a few times. wondering if I should send it to a bag spa? I'm really heartbroken.

    and here's another one.

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  5. Hi Longchamp

    I posted 2 pictures of the bag opening but cracks are showing elsewhere as well. It seems like the bag has deteriorated just sitting in the dustbag. Reminds me of my own crow's feet yiiiiiikes. :graucho:

  6. maybe moisturiser will help??? it looks dehydrated really!
  7. I can't quite see the cracks to be honest, but this is a common problem with cervo lux...I've had issues like slight peeling/rubbing off on my black cervo lux tote and 'wrinkles' (are these the 'cracks' you mentioned?) on my Fairy bag. Not totally visible unless you look closely, so I've learned to disregard that and just enjoy the bags - they're still beautiful pieces. I just try to be more cautious when using them. I've only applied Apple leather conditioner on the cervo lux tote (more to clean it as I accidentally rubbed it against a white wall *sniff sniff*), so far so good.
  8. Very common too with antic cervo. I've just stopped worrying about it as I am so in love with my 3 bags. I just make sure to not get anything in cervo until they get the treatment fixed.
  9. perhaps because of the flash and the shiny lux finish, i was not able to make out the crack from the pics... i'm usually very picky, and able to see small imperfections (i'm sure most tPFers are too!!! :P)

    i have not dealt with the cervo lux before. i almost bought the exact same bag in silver during the sale last month, but saw a tPF thread that mentioned some problems with the cervo lux finish... so i'm glad i didn't get the bag. have you tried asking the SAs at the boutique for any treatment suggestions?
  10. My cervo lux fairy pouch, that's in my handbag everyday is getting wrinkly like your pix, but have to agree, it doesn't bother me. I love that pouch!!!

    But mine doesn't seem to be losing its color like your second pix. Have you tried lovinmybags moisturizer on it or something comparable?

    Sorry you're unhappy liquid room.

    Ah, have a solution for your crow's feet--botox.

    Zagliani makes exotic handbags that they inject botox to keep the crocodile skin soft and supple.
  11. I see more imperfections in the second pic. It looks dry to me. That hasn't happened to me on my cervo lux bag, just a little peeling.

    Anyway, I would consult the Prada boutique near you or

    Barb is really good with responding to questions about leather conditioning.
  12. I have 2 of the Cervo Lux Chain bags and they are wonderful bags but the finish is disappointing. My older one is flaking on the whole front and the corners are white with minimal use. I have a Purple one too that is new. It is not used but I see that along the seams it is getting whitened.
    But I adore the bags so I'll just use them. They'll never look great to my over critical bag eye but what else to do except treat them and moisturise them.
  13. I have this bag too (in purple) and have used it a lot, but not in the past 3-4 months. I am going to pull it out tonight and check it out! I bet the same thing has happened to mine. :cry:
  14. I have the small chain hobo in the purple that I purchased last November. It's still really good but then again I've only used it once at New Year's! I do love it though so I will do like the others and just use it!