My purchases so far for 2009!! ~ PICS!

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  1. I bought my first luggage piece from AFF (perfect as always!) -
    1. Alma Voyage MM ~ picture also with regular mono alma to show size.
    5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg
  2. WOW. I Love it. There is something so classy about the ALMA shape. Congrats and enjoy her. :tup::tup::smile:
  3. Next up.....

    2. Vernis Cosmetic Case MM in Pomme' D'amour :heart:

    also pictured with her Pomme sisters :smile: - can you tell I love red!
    9.jpg 8.jpg
  4. :faint: Stunning
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    3. The pretty roses pochette.... so much prettier irl

    - I included my sweet smelling Christmas gift from LV - Candle :heart:
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  6. Congrats - love your pomme collection and the alma will be a great weekend away bag.:tup:
  7. Last of all is the Mahina Stole in Noir ~ you might have noticed my thread about it yesterday already with the pic of Rhianna wearing it, it is SO SOFT in real life, same texture as the Sprouse leopard, I am in :heart: with this.... I just ordered it in brown too, so will add pictures later, and modelling pictures tomorrow, it's 41 degrees here today :sweatdrop: ... that's it for now, thanks for letting me share :smile:
    3.jpg 4.jpg spl62309_003.jpg
  8. Pomme sisters pic = total eye candy! congrats on all the pieces
  9. shb, slayer & deem0nessa ~ Thanks, I really love the Pomme too, so pretty, I'm so glad they re-released the cosmetic pouch in this size, it's perfect...
  10. this forum and members are a dream come true for me....I get to enjoy everyone's purchases....I really like the mahina stole after u had posted the pics of it....this word mahina in hawaiian language means moon....
  11. ^ It is fun isn't it, I love seeing everyone's new goodies too.... I am so impressed with the Mahina (moon;)) scarf, apparantly I got the last black one in Australia, so the discovery was just in time!
  12. Lovin' your purchases esp the Rose Pochette and the Mahina Stole. :tup:
  13. the cosmetic case is simply awesome.
  14. Beautiful purchases. Love the huge alma. Congrats x
  15. freshmess, rupz & skyrider ~ thanks!!