My pups!

  1. Coco (left) and Byron (right). Coco is 5 months old, just got her last weekend. She's a real sweetie! Byron is 11 months old, got him last November. He's a bit more independent and mischevious. They're half-siblings (same father, different mothers).
  2. Oh how sweet they are! They are smiling too. Congrats for having such nice little doggies.
  3. OHHH! how cute!
  4. Aww they are adorable!:biggrin:
  5. What beautiful doggies! They pose so nicely for their picture too. I can't get my doggie to sit still and pose.
  6. They are so cute :love: Are they cocker spaniels? I'm planning on getting either an american cocker spaniel or beagel when I move.
  7. They are too cute. They look like they are buddies already too:smile:
  8. Aww.. they're just too cute together !
  9. They're Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They're a bit smaller than Cockers.
  10. Cool. I love spaniels :love:
  11. They're adorable!! And they look like they're best friends already! :heart:
  12. They are such cuties!! Love them.
  13. awwwwww...... i went "hehehe" the moment i saw the pics.. You made my day! =).. well.. your dogs!
  14. 0o0o0o0o SO CUTE!!! thanks for sharing!!! i wish i had a 4 legged hairy pet... hehehe!
  15. Awwww ... too sweet :love: ! Byron looks like he's going to teach Coco all kinds of naughty things :P !!