My Puppy Tried To Drive Today...argh....

  1. Most of you know about my kinda psychotic Shiba Inu puppy..who is almost 6 months old now..He is really a tough cookie..I am in training classes with him EVERY WEEK..and he is quite the spunky dog.
    I was really mortified when we started a more advanced puppy class yesterday..He literally scared the crap out of the other dogs ( and the parents!SNIFF!)in the class with his FEROCIOUS GROWL(SNARL TOO!)..He only does this around LARGE DOGS..Guess what our new class was made up of....BERNESE MOUNTAIN get the picture.So feeling like a bad mommy..I am trying to get Ripley more socialized...BY taking him to alot of places so he gets used to being around dogs and people without being scared.
    I decide to put Ripley in the car with me...without his crate(first time..NOT a bright idea..I know...)...
    I placed him in the seat next to me..put his fave blankee on it so he'd be comfy.
    I start to drive......guess whats coming........:shrugs: .....Im turning on a MAJOR road and Ripley jumps..yes..ON MY HEAD..I swear to god...I am lucky I am alive..LOL...he tried to put his paws on the wheel...and did not go well.:Push:
    LUCKILY,I managed to get control of the car and pull over..eek....
    PHH thinks Im the worlds biggest idiot..yes..I admit it was the dumbest thing Ive ever done.I just wanted to be comfy with Ripley going out,being in the car...etc....NEVER AGAIN.dumb thing to do..:Push: :Push:

    So Selena..if you saw the BMW SUV swerving on our main road today..I swear it was Ripley driving..LMAO...NOT me.....and moral of this story...NEVER EVER PUT A DOG NEAR THE WHEEL...ARGH.......
    he is such a freakin devil dog..BUT he is so cute......ARGH.......:upsidedown:
    Im so ashamed that I even took him in the car alone without a crate..sniff...DUH...
  2. so sorry to hear. glad you are both ok. i take ramsey out with me in the car all the time. he is so well behaved.
  3. :wtf: OMG - Ripley jumped on ur head???!!! I KNOW its not funny!!! but i let out a little laugh... SORRY!!! :shame: he must LOVE you lots, Jill!!! i'm glad you're ok!!! ***hugs***
  4. OMG, Jill, I'm glad you & doggie are OK!!
  5. AWWWWWWW jill!!!! but he is... sooooooo.... CUTE!!!! How can you expect me to be mad at brokeback doggie?!?! :roflmfao: He is just soo cuteee

    Glad you are ok... Should I be scared to meet this pup???? :amuse:
  6. ^LOL MEGS! He is great with people...just snarls at large dogs that he doesnt s so WEIRD!!LOL! The motion of the car scared the crap out of him so he jumped..really high..LOL...
    It was like the funniest and scariest moment of my life..LOL..picture Jill with puppy on her head..LMAO..NOT PRETTY.
  7. A Kodak moment??? Not so much... ???
  8. When I told PHH he was like...ARE YOU FREAKIN CRAZY????..then he almost choked holding back his laughter from the visual of Ripley on my head...He knows Ripley and TOTALLY pictured it..LMAO...
  9. My friend was fined for reckless driving when she was caught with her dog on her lap while she was driving.

    She said she always drives this way with no probs. But one time, I was driving with her dog on my lap. Suddenly the was a big noise which frightened her and she dove down where the pedals were. Then she relised just how dangerous it could have been if she'd gotten in the way of me using my brakes.
  10. Jill, was that you on the Philly Fox Traffic report today? LOL!
  11. Aww, that is scary. One of my rescues wants to sit on my lap while I drive, a big no no. If I crashed he would get killed, and if the airbag deployed it would also kill him. I have a harness that allows you to put a seatbelt through the harness and keeps them still. May not like it, but riding safely in a car is important..
  12. I'm glad you're o.k. but it made me laugh when I visulized the dog on your head. We always had and have labradors and because they're far away from being brain of Britain they're pretty easy dogs to have and to train. We always put them into the trunk with a safety net so they can't jump into the cabin (we have a BMW SUV) and mostly they sleep.
    He's really cute!!
  13. I am so glad to hear you and the puppy are ok. That must have been really scary!
  14. Oh my gosh Jill I am glad you are ok! And your doggy too! I know one time my dad and I took my dog Sharky for the first time in the vet, and let me tell you that little dog freaked out sooo much! He peed all over my brand new skirt, and started barking, and crying! Well I am happy both of your are ok.
  15. EEeekkk, I'm so glad you're ok.

    Bless, poor puppy, I guess he was just excited about being loose in the car!

    Have you considered getting him a harness, and then a safety dog belt, which attached to the seat belt in the car, and lets him sit up, but will stop him wandering?

    Personally, I always find a harness a thousand times better than a collar with my two, as they both pull on the lead, and have been known to pull their head out of a collar, but they are so much easier to control (without all that horrid neck pulling) in a harness, and it's really easy to plug them in when they get in the car.

    Hope you get something sorted!