My Puppy is all grown up- and GREYING!!!

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  1. Just thought I'd share pics of my *puppy* with you all. His name is Nitro- named by my brothers after the wrestler at the time!- and is a Black Lab. We got him about 9 years ago, and now he is just as cute but has lots of grey whiskers!!! :love: Still adorable- I love him!! 3rd pic my little brother is trying to lure him into the unfilled pool with food- he was still scared though! :shame: :supacool:




  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaw i love love the photos. puppy looks so sweet. dogs make the best companions. i can hardly see the gray. =)
  3. Nitro is so cute! He's really not too grey for 9 years old. It looks nice on him--very distinguished. I'll bet he's a wonderful companion.
  4. He is sooo CUTE! My 11 year old dog is TOTALLY greying..he looks like an old man next to Ripley..Our other SHibba inu!!LOL!...SO ADORABLE!LOVE the pics!Thanks for sharing!
  5. I love lab's. They are the best dogs.
  6. There may be snow on his roof, but there is still fire in his hearth.
  7. Thanks everyone!! He is the sweetest dog ever :love:
  8. Labs are the best!!!!!
  9. Awwwww Megs, he is soooo cuuuuuute!

    I love older dogs, they have so much wisdom to share!
  10. OMG what a cutie!!!
  11. I love Megs' doggie, he's a true lover. I don't think I ever heard him bark, either.

    I love him unconditionally - except for when he decides to lay out in the grass and play dead when I take him for a walk... and he won't move for like 15 minutes, despite me trying to yank him off the ground. He likes to get it his way sometimes.
  12. ^LOL!! How cute!

    He looks like a sweetie Megs! I used to have a black lab, they are awesome dogs.
  13. What a beautiful dog, the Labs I know love muddy puddles and water is this one the same?
    Such fun dogs always wanting to please and play
  14. I always had black labs growing up and yours is beautiful, Megs!
    My baby is almost 12 and she is quite grey also, but I still look at her and see a puppy:heart:

  15. ^Such a cutie too!!!! :love: