My puppy in her lovely carrier!

  1. She's adorable! And she seems to like it, too!

  2. awwww! so cute!
  3. Aww, love it!
  4. so cute!
  5. cute carrier & dog :smile: she looks like she's smiling
  6. Adorable! You're so lucky to have the bag and the pup!
  7. It does! How funny! She's really cute in that carrier :smile:
  8. It's too cute!
  9. Adorable!!!!!
  10. That's a really cute picture! :smile:
  11. That is sooo cute - and both the dog and the bag look so very distinguished British!!!
    Regina :girlsigh:
  12. Thanks. I like to think that she's smiling, too. She's actually very shy, so when we go out this is absolutely perfect. She can peek out but still hide. :smile:
  13. Great picture, how lucky both of you!
  14. Wonderful picture!
  15. Adorable!! Do you mind if I ask you a few questions? I'm trying to find a carrier for my girl (see avatar pic:love:). She weighs around 11 lbs, how much does your dog weigh? Do they just pop their head out the top or is there mesh on the sides? And lastly, how much $$ to I have to spend to get one of these? :upsidedown: