My puppy has a horrible new 'do

  1. My dog Emma needed to be shaved by the groomer because her fur was matted. Aside from the matted fur, she was in desperate need of some cleaning up. I don't know how the poor dog could even see with all the fur that was in her eyes. I suppose it was my own fault for foolishly thinking that I could tend to her grooming needs at home.

    Anyway, yesterday afternoon when I arrived at the Pet Spa to pick her up, they had a bag of fur in a plastic grocery store bag sitting on the counter. The groomer picked it up and said, "Well, here is part of Emma." I knew immediately that was a bad sign. :wtf: Nothing (and I mean NOTHING) could have prepared me for the "creature" they brought out to me and had the nerve to call MY DOG! Good God, I had nightmares all last night.

    Just take a look at the "before" (taken on Saturday) and "after" (taken yesterday) pictures. Emma is very lucky that her mommy loves matter how hideous she is right now. :crybaby:


  2. Oh my gosh, I'm sorry but LOL! What is going on with her booty??? hehehe She's bootylicious now! bump a lump. :lol:

    But really, it'll grow out soon and if you really can't deal with it just take her back and make them fix it! *hugs*
  3. oh sorry

    but hmm :roflmfao:
  4. I think she looks cute.
  5. Thank you. :smile:

    It is quite humorous. I must admit it. I brought her over to my parents house last night at like 8pm because I couldn't even begin to explain it to them. They were practically rolling on the floor laughing. I was there for an hour, and I don't think they ever stopped. I actually laugh too when she looks at me because she just looks so ridiculous.

    Danica, she does have a booty now! They left her tail fluffy, so she definitely has a bit of the J Lo booty (but with the Britney Spears hair style). :lol:
  6. ^ Haha! just a little fluffy in the rear, but definitely still cute. :smile:

  7. :nuts: :roflmfao:

    That cracked me up.

    No worries on the look - it will grow out soon and she will be better than ever!
  8. Aww...poor doggy. I had the same reaction to my dog the first time he was groomed with his summer hair-cut. Don't worry, it grows out pretty quickly.
  9. I feel your pain!!!

    One of our small dogs plays with our big dogs a lot, and it's really muddy outside now. I've had to bath her a lot, and as a result, her fur matted. We took her to the groomer, and she looks just like your dog!!! (She is a bichon/poodle cross.)

    The fur will grow back before you know it. You can get some cute clothes for now!

    Your baby is still really cute, by the way!!!
  10. Oh thank you! And I am so glad to know that we're in it together. I am sure that your dog is still adorable too. :smile:

    Thanks to everyone else above for making me feel better. I sort of felt like it was ME who had the bad haircut before! Emma is sitting by my feet right now, and for some reason, I love her even more now! :heart:
  11. How is she taking it?
    If she is happy, that's all the matters. It will grow out.
  12. Are you sure that it's the same dog? She still looks cute!
  13. Awww true love! She's a cutie with a booty! She'll be shaggy before your know it. :yes:
  14. You are so cute... seriously, this thread had me laughing out loud the way you put everything. I showed the DH and he said, "Poor little girl!"

    She looks a little naked :push: but she is still a beautiful lady!
  15. She looks so much smaller without her fur. Don't worry, it will grow back!