My puppies were not from a puppy mill

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  1. To clarify. I don't support puppy mills. They're horrible. The store I bought my puppies is a store that breeders bring their dogs to sell, sort of like a puppy swap. I accidentally dropped my puppy and these are the 3rd and 4th puppies we got. Please know that not all stores are alike. I was just happy to share that with you.
  2. Wow, you have 4 puppies? Are they all the same breed? I hope the breeders that bring their pups to the store are ethical.

    That's a lot of work, training 4 puppies at once.
  3. That's what pet stores all ways say. If not from a puppy mill, than from a back yard breeder which is basically the same thing but on a smaller scale.
  4. sorry your other thread went off topic, but it's very disrespectful to just start a new one when the other has been closed:rolleyes:
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