My pup is suddenly becoming possessive of me?

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  1. Okay... so I have a 3 year old yorkie-bichon mix named Rosie. She's always been the sweetest, most-affectionate, couldn't-kill-a-fly pup around! But, recently... she's become VERY possessive of me. For example, she'll be sitting on my lap... and my boyfriend will come and give me a hug, and she'll growl at him.

    Last night, my boyfriend and I were messing around with each other... like... on the bed... and he was tickling me... and she FREAKED OUT. She started growling and barking and lunging at him. And, she got in between him and me. He thought it was HILARIOUS... because she weighs all of 5 pounds. And, the only thing that would make her quit was me picking her up and soothing her and letting her know I was okay.

    How do I get her to stop this behavior? She used to be possessive ONLY over rawhide bones (and we stopped giving them to her because of this) and now, she's possessive over me. This is NOT a good thing... and, I'm worried that someday she'll bite somebody!
  2. You're very right in wanting to stop this behavior. It's hard not to, but please try not to reward her by "picking her up and soothing her."

    She does want to be w/ you. Next time this happens pick her up and take her away from the situation and walk away to an area where she can't follow you. That may mean you have to put a gate up. Soon she'll get the hang of it.

    There are many ways to stop aggressive behavior in dogs.. google it and see what you think.

    You shouldn't tolerate food aggression or possession either. Yes a bark/ grr is a warning--can sometimes be the prelude to a bite or nip.

    Get her into a routine where you are w/ her, then aren't and you're w/ BF. Use the gate if you have to. She can't be w/ the two of you unless she behaves.

    Good luck, I know it's hard and probably breaking your heart.

    Reward good behavior all the time, this works the best.