my pup is now the happy owner of a new black calf leather collar!

  1. he looks soo handsome and darling i love it!:heart: already thinking if i should get the matching leash:graucho: or maybe spring for the burberry one. ill post picks when the little guy wakes up. thanks all for your feedback about the sizing!! :flowers:
  2. Glad it ended up being the right size!
  3. Take pics! I want to see what he looks like modeling his new neckwear! :smile:
  4. Ohhh I would love to see...The Burberry outlet(if you have one close by) I believe had some cute affordable ones, you should try there first if that's what you decide to get.
  5. aww im excited to see! pics pics pics..wake up pup pup!
  6. I can't wait to see pics.
  7. Pics???!!!! Need pics!!!!
  8. That puppy must take one loooong nap!!!
  9. wake up wake up!! we wanna see u!! :nuts:
  10. sorry all for the delay!! i took them yesterday but only came back just a little while ago. he's got so much freaking hair its insane, i need to get him groomed, this was when he spent time rollling around in the grass, but i think hes cute in the collar nonetheless!:heart: heres a pict now, ill try to take close ups after his bath.. god i dont know who hates bathtime more, him or me..:lol:
  11. so cute!
  12. I love the cute little doggy bone on the collar, it goes nicely with his fur. Great choice!
  13. awww. its soo cute..the little bone adds a nice touch.
  14. Love it! Congrats!
  15. heres one from behind..