My PTTM Natasha in Nude

  1. I first saw the Petal to the Metal Natasha in late 2009 in black, and always thought it was such a handy and cute little bag for a great price (compared to my Chanel addiction)! Every time I walked by the MBMJ, I would always look for the Natasha.

    Next month DF and I are getting married and going away for our honeymoon, and I was in the market for a hands-free bag. I wanted something that was small enough that it won't be a hassle to carry, but large enough so that it could hold our sunglasses and essentials. I was at Holts over the weekend and immediately the Natsha in the new colours caught my eye. There was Shell, which is an off-white, and Nude, which is what I got. I wouldn't exactly describe it as nude...I would call it a dusty rosey beige but it's so very pretty. I love pink and it's pink without being too girly (I considered getting the Natasha in the Fuchsia when it was available but it's too bright for me) and neutral enough that it goes with lots of things. I chose this over the Shell because I think this could be carried all year round and won't get dirty as easily as the off-white! This is my first MBMJ, and my last bag purchase was an MJ Stam...I'm definitely noticing and loving his bags more and more nowadays!

    Here she looks a tad darker in real life...


    I bought these cute and cheap shoes for walking around, and think the Natasha goes great with them!

  2. congrats on your upcoming wedding! and super congrats to you on your pttm beauty! have a fantastic honeymoon!
  3. SUPER cute!! love the bag and the matching shoes. :biggrin:
  4. Love that bag!!
  5. love this bag! and the matching shoes! such a versatile bag, with so many pockets! :smile:
  6. Nice Color! Great choice.
  7. I was also at Holts this past weekend and fell in love with the colour of this bag! Congrats!
  8. Lovely color!! Congrats!!!
  9. Thanks ladies! It really is a gorgeous bag!
  10. Saw this at the store the other day. It's a fantastic colour! Congrats!

    A silly question on the PTTM Natasha - is there a magnetic closure on the top flap? Some description on websites say there is. When I held the bag the other day, i couldn't see any (like the regular Classic Q Natasha).
  11. nope, no magnetic closure on the top flap. i haven't had any issues with it not staying closed though, generally if it's not overfilled the top flap will stay in place nicely
  12. Very useful info! Thanks for clearing that up! :smile:
  13. Love the colour! I was just at Holts on Monday and wish I had gone to look at this bag.
  14. I just ordered this bag in Nude color as well but I forgot to do my research regarding color transfer problems on the nude color beforehand:sad:. I am worried now..


    Did you face any color transfer issues with your bag?

  15. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and your new bag and shoes! Such a pretty color! Where are you planning on going for your honeymoon?