my pst has become smushed!

  1. i have been carrying my new-to-me pst for about a week now...and this past weekend it was less than full...well, i guess under the weight of my arm, the front of it has sort of folded in and become a little smushed on the sides! is this a common problem? will it do any long-term damage and become increasingly malleable? should i stuff it when i store it?
  2. Do you have pix of it? I just bought a PST and a Medallion and I was deciding between the two. I think I am going with the Medallion though because I have heard of things happening like this with the PST and the GST. The bag getting very soft with use and being smushy on the bottoms and so forth.

    A photo would help people see the problem better though.
  3. my camera was sent for repairs so i can't take a picture right now unfortunately!