My ps experience @ JW

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  1. Annyeonghaseyo yeoreobun!

    Well after a few months researching and a trip to Seoul for consultations, I have finally had my surgery yesterday. I’ll give you some background first and then talk about the clinics and procedures. This forum helped me a great deal in learning more about ps in Korea and I’m hoping to be able to give something back :smile:

    First of all I am a 34 year old Australian guy. I have never liked my nose and developed a double chin some time ago that I could not get rid of. Even after dieting down to 4.8% body fat, I still had the damn chin! So I started researching ps and discovered a few other things that I “needed” to do :P My final shopping list was as follows:

    -Botox for overdeveloped masseter (jaw) muscles
    -Rhino: humpectomy, lateral osteotomy and tiplasty
    -Ptosis correction on right eye
    -Acculift and thread lift combo for double chin and saggy jawline
    -Chin implant
    -Hairline transplantation (I’ll discuss this separately at the end)

    Originally I had no idea what surgeries would benefit me, but eventually compiled this list with the help of this forum and the clinics themselves. Seeking advice is also a great way to assess whether a clinic is just trying to sell you as much surgery as possible or actually cares about your situation. So don’t be afraid to tell them your concerns without mentioning specific procedures and see what they come back with. For example I had a couple of clinics tell me that I needed two jaw surgery -this is majorly overkill for me and what I wanted to achieve.

    As I work a 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off roster here in Aus, I did one trip to Seoul for the consults and I am now on my second trip for the surgery. I didn’t want to rush my decision and also wanted maximum recovery time before heading back to work. I consulted with a lot of clinics -I had the time.

    -The Line
    -April 31

    I’ll spare everyone a long winded breakdown of each clinic, but please message me if you have any questions and I’m more than happy to spend some time talking in private about their pros and cons in my opinion.
    To get to the point, the only clinics that I felt took their time with me and actually cared about my specific situation on a professional and personal level were JW, April 31 and Baum. The rest weren’t fully blown “factories” but I didn’t feel like they really cared. Trust is important to me, especially when it’s my face. If they don’t connect with you and seem to really care about getting you the best results now, what makes you think they’ll care once they’ve got your money? Simple answer is they won’t. That being said, I’m definitely not saying don’t go to the other clinics listed here, this is just my personal experience. Do your research, visit the clinics and make your own assessment.

    JW, April 31 and Baum all took their time with me, did a thorough assessment and spoke at length with me about what I wanted. They listened to my concerns and tried to tailor a recommendation that also factored in the surgeries that I was comfortable with and those that I wasn’t (I wasn’t particularly keen on having and invasive bone surgery at this point). Baum got ruled out simply because the surgeon didn’t seem 100% confident about the surgeries he was recommending. There was lots of “it should do” and “I hope so”
    This left JW and April 31 and Jenny is cuter than Brian, so I went with JW. No I’m kidding of course, but I did go with JW. April 31 seem like real experts in their relative fields. They took their time and I trust that they would have done a great job, however they were really expensive and I wasn’t convinced about what they specifically wanted to do to my nose. Tip “spreading” as opposed to Dr.Suh from JW’s work on my medial crus (sorry if I have the terminology wrong). Again, please PM for more details.

    So after making a deposit (btw don’t stress about taking cash overseas or paying the 10% credit card surcharge, you can just do an online wire transfer), the surgeries were booked in. At JW we decided on:

    -Partial incision ptosis correction to BOTH eyes. As some of you may have read, ptosis correction on one eye can cause more ptosis on the other eye. For this reason Dr. Kang decided to do both eyes to assure as close as possible symmetry.
    -Acculift to double chin and jawline, plus thread lift for saggy skin. I really wanted a tapered and slim face, with a defined jawline and without bone surgery. So this is why Dr. Kang recommended the “double lift” The thread lift is not permanent, but I’m a little young for a full face lift procedure.
    -Botox for jaw muscle reduction. We did this before I left for home the first time and by the time I got back to Korea I could already see a pretty good result!
    -The above mentioned rhino procedures. Tiplasty specifically Dr.Suh shortened my medial crus and used thread I believe to pull my projected tip down and give it a smooth contour with my bridge. He also opted for an implant post humpectomy.
    -Small 4 to 5mm chin implant for added projection.

    Day 1: This Monday gone I headed in at 9:30am to prepare for eye surgery and Acculift/thread lift. I consulted with Dr. Kang again just to confirm exactly what he was going to do which was great. For the eye surgery I had local anaesthetic, but no happy drugs unfortunately :sad: Boring! It’s quite weird being able to smell your own burning flesh when they use the little heat pen thing, but he didn’t take long and after a bit of “open eyes” “close eyes” “look my eyes” we were done. Although I’m swelled up pretty bad now, he showed me my eyes immediately post op and they looked bloody brilliant.
    Next I had a quick toilet break and on to the lifting procedures -and drugs! Woohoo! I love how the anaesthesiologist says “Okay Ben, I’m going to put you down now” and I’m like “Wait, what?” then the trip starts and I fell asleep. Then it seemed like I instantly woke up and the procedures were all done. I’ll go into more detail about the staff at the end, but I want to quickly mention that the delightful Jenny has been with me every step of the way until now. Every consultation, every question I had (no matter the time of day or night) and even being right next to me in the theater until I fell asleep. She is an absolute gem and I can’t recommend her enough.
    Next I was taken to a recovery room where I relaxed for maybe an hour before going home. They needed to give me an extra dose of sleep anesthesia to get me off properly for the lifting procedures, hence the longer duration in the recovery room.
    That night I struggled to sleep because it’s bloody noisy at Sunshine Hotel. Everyone talks about this place, but I don’t recommend it. The staff look like they’re on death row and as I said it’s a really noisy area. My a/c is also buggered and the fridge is not cold and has no freezer for my ice pack. There is also next to nothing on the room service menu. I stayed at Best Western last time and it beats this place hands down in every way. Moving on…

    Day 2: Day two was chin implant and nose day. The schedule got pretty messed up and there ended up being several changes to what surgery I would have and when. The end result was chin implant first, then a pretty big wait of 3 or so hours before doing nose at around 6pm. But these things happen, everyone was genuinely apologetic and the manager offered me some free skin treatments so I appreciate that. We all make mistakes. Again, I consulted with the relevant doctors before surgery to confirm the game plan. For the chin implant, I was doped up, but awake. This is required because you need to swallow fluids, similar to a dental procedure (the chin implant goes in through an incision in your mouth btw). Pretty cool when he drilled through the implant into my chin and fixed it with screws. Like what the hell am I doing?!
    Eventually it was time for the nose with renowned Dr.Suh and by now Jenny and I were really excited. It was quite funny actually! By the way, I don’t know if they did it because I’m a westerner, but the radio was playing western music…bad western music. Like Bon Jovi, Whitney Houston and Bryan Adams. By this last surgery I couldn’t take it anymore and embarrassed myself by requesting Kpop. I think I was still high. But anyway, I got to listen to the soothing sounds of Lovelyz brand new hit Destiny before I was “put down” again. Next thing, we’re all done and I was actually quite energised! I didn’t have to spend long in the recovery room and Jenny stayed with me the whole time, even though it was now around 8:30pm and she was on unpaid overtime. Sweetheart. That night I had the most amazing, restful sleep I’ve ever had. Not really. I listened to roadworks all night and whenever I would nod off a bit, blood would start gushing out of my nose and I would jump up and freak out. A/C was still out of action, so I had to open the window and enjoy front row seats listening to the construction supervisor (I’m guessing) tell his workers how they are doing everything wrong and in his day they would have been finished, gone home and half way through a bottle of soju by now. But oh well.

    Which brings me to now! My first real post op recovery day. I have a lot of meds and drinks and mouth washes to use, all provided by JW. I also went back in and they washed my hair, cleaned my nose and gave me some laser treatment for deswelling. I think the plan is to do this every day or two until one week, when I have the stitches out. Well, so far so good. I can’t speak highly enough of Jenny and JW. They have looked after me every step of the way from consultation to post op. Tomorrow I go back in for Dr. Lee to check on my chin implant also. I’ll keep you guys updated as things go by, at the moment my face is swelling up quite a lot and bruises forming under my eyes -obviously this is to be expected.

    Speak to you tomorrow!
  2. Great post Gunslinger81, very helpful. Good luck on your recovery and please keep us updated.
  3. sounds like really good post op care. The first few days would be tough. Fighting!
    It gets better.

    It's disgusting but change your front nose dressing often. Take care with your intraoral stitches too.
  4. Yes please keep us updated!! I especially want to hear more about the hair transplant procedure:amuse:

    Thanks for sharing, wishing you a speedy recovery and great results :smile:
  5. Thank you, will do!
  6. Fighting!!! Please keep us update on how you're doing =)
  7. Ah of course!

    So I did my hair transplantation at Maxwell clinic in Gangnam. I liked that they offer FUE or FUT, depending on what the patient needs. A lot of people will recommend going for FUE as it supposedly scars less, however this is not always the case -I have seen some shocking photos of post FUE scalps! I have short hair, but almost always done with scissors in that area, not clippers so I went for FUT strip method. The main reason though is because there is a better survival rate of the hairs using strip method. It leaves a scar and is more invasive, but the results are better.

    Two weeks before the surgery, you need to stop drinking and smoking and taking any supplements or medications. On the surgery day I had a quick consultation with the Doctor and he drew a hairline on my forehead. We modified it a little bit to get it just right and then we were done. Btw Maxwell clinic is a very well presented, professional place. The staff looked after me really well and the clinic was clean and tidy.

    The first step for me was to have the transplantation area shaved. After this you are given some sedation and the strip of scalp is removed. This doesn't take all that long and then after a toilet break the transplant will begin. Probably the hardest part is once the local starts to wear off on the back of your head it will become quite painful. Also, I believe I was lying down for around 3 hours in total, plus another hour for a nurse to check the depth of the implanted follicles. This was pretty tough by the end and I was very glad to be able to get up and move around again. The Doctor initially recommended 1000hairs, which requires removal of 2000 hairs from the strip. However, he had quite a bit extra and was able to implant for more density than initially suggested, which I'm hoping will look good! Be aware there is a limit to how much density you can have. It will not be as dense as a natural hairline due to the current technology that we have. If the follicles are implanted too close together they will not survive.

    After the surgery I was taken to a recovery room and the little sweetheart that was looking after me delivered juice and a bunch of Korean chocolates etc...she definitely knows the way to my heart. You will need to wear a button shirt to the clinic or at least take one for after surgery as you cannot touch the transplanted area. This is really important as you can dislodge the follicles. They will help you to put a beanie on over your head to cover the bandage.

    That night you will need to sleep on your back. The swelling and fluids will run down into your forehead if you don't. You also don't want to disturb the transplanted area. I ended up sleeping on my back for two weeks to be safe. After two weeks is when you can relax a little bit and touch the area. Up until then you mustn't touch it when washing your hair or putting on clothes -it's a bit of a pain. Being able to move around when you sleep and wash your hair properly etc feels great after a couple of weeks!

    There are meds and painkillers to take and also ointment to apply to the area. I was given dissolvable stitches, so if I wanted I could have left Korea after two days. They ended up coming out on day 17.

    All in all it was pretty easy. The area scabs up after two weeks, but you still aren't allowed to scratch it. After six weeks the hairs will supposedly fall out and start growing again. Then it just comes down to how quickly your hair grows and how long you wear it before you will see the result. It's a little scary because looking at the transplanted area now it is all so thin. I think it's because some of the follicles have short, shaven hairs in them so you can't see the coverage, but it still freaks me out. If the end result looks how it looks now it would be a monumental fail! But looking at their before and afters I'm sure it will be fine.

    Lastly, the cost was around 50% of what I would have been charged in Australia. Even with flights, accommodation, bibimbap and hotteok I saved money.

    Please feel free to PM for more details!
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  8. That's great information! I'm more interested in eyebrow implant but I'm worried how it might grow too long and I would need to constantly maintain it by trimming.
  9. A little bit of an update.

    Today I went in and had all bandages removed. I look like Super Mario. My nose is so bulbous it's not funny (actually it is pretty funny) and my double chin is bigger than ever! Obviously it's only one week after surgery so I am still majorly swollen and it's all good, but yeah -no selfies just yet :smile:

    Today was the fourth time that I've been back to JW in a week and then after care is great. I have had a few shampoos, laser treatments and my nose cleaned out properly (which is a godsend). Today they also hooked me up to the IV again for some vitamins to help with recovery and I had a little nap. I saw Dr.Kang who did my eyes and Acculift and he is happy with how everything is coming along. Tomorrow Jenny has made sure to book me in to see my other two surgeons before I leave for home. I didn't even have to ask for her to do this, so I really appreciate that for my peace of mind.

    According to Jenny the major swelling will last for another week and the minor swelling takes around three months to die down. So I guess all that's left to do now is rest up and wait!
  10. Very happy to hear about your experience :smile:
  11. Hey gunslinger81, I've been quite set on going to April31, but do you mind telling me why you didn't choose it in the end? Can't seem to pm you.
    Hope to hear from you soon! :smile:
  12. hi! Did you secure an appointment date with them before you came. I heard some people said you can definitely get a surgery date within a week being there and some said you need an appointment at least 2 months before.
  13. is the thread lifting ok and effective? How long can it last?
  14. That is often the case, but not for nose by Dr.Suh. His schedule was full for close to a month.
  15. I can't give an accurate report on it's effectiveness yet as I'm only three weeks post op. Clinics advise that it lasts for one year, but it may depend on the individual. I've heard reports of the results fading somewhat in less than a year.