My Promise Ring.. I m so surprised.. !!

  1. My bf decided to buy me my promise ring for our 2 year anniversary after a couple visit to the Jewlery store and without much success in looking for the right diamond together..

    My DBF surprised me with this... (he said he was out there shopping with me only to learn more abt diamonds... and what is a better deal):crybaby:

    So here it is my promise ring..
    The center diamond is A 1.04 ct D color VVS1 Ideal cut , excellent symmetry and polish ...

    He said he didnt pick too fancy of a setting cos he wants something to be more simple...
    I am so touched... !!
  2. Sorry the pic comes out a little bit too small !! So heres a bigger one ^^
  3. Aw that's so pretty!
    I love it,
  4. Best Wishes to you! That's the perfect diamond ring!
  5. Awww.....what a sweet bf!!!! The ring is STUNNING!!
  6. what a beautiful ring!
  7. wow your ring is lovely!! Your bf is so sweet :yes:
  8. It's gorgeous! Congratulations.
  9. So pretty! Congratulations!
  10. Congrats, it's a beautiful ring! How sweet of him to surprise you.
  11. Holy crap!!! I can't wait to see your engagement ring!!! That's beautiful!
  12. aawww thats so nice, lovely thought and the ring is stunning!
  13. Soo, pretty! That's one heck of a promise!
  14. Thanks everyone.. You are so sweet.!!
    I love my new ring ... I think it is the perfect promise ring for me.. something that I can wear all the time and not over the top!!
  15. it's beautiful! look at all that glint and shine! and that's only in the photos! bet it's more gorgeous in person.