My Prize

  1. Well I went into to Coach today not expecting the SA to give me the PCE discount but she did. I think they felt kinda bad when I knew more about the products than the SA that was helping me did. (He didn't know what a mini skinny was) Anyway I got my tattersall pouch, a bleecker mini skinny in wine, a boot key ring (present), and I bought my mother a tattersall wristlet. My mother has no idea that it is going to match the leather pouch I got her for Christmas with a beautiful tattersall scarf tied on it.
    Purse2.jpg Purse3.jpg
  2. that's great, congrats!!! :tup:
  3. Those are adorable!
  4. I love the tattersall! It's gorgeous!!
  5. Gosh I :heart: the tattersall print so much. Way to go on all the goodies - and your mom is going to love her Christmas gift!
  6. i love that pouch! its gorgeous! :tup:
  7. Congrats! I love the pouch, and it's always better when you get the discount!
  8. Congrats, the pouch is too cute!
  9. Does anybody think that the strawberry charm would look good on the tattersall pouch?
  10. I'm glad that you got the discount! Congrats!
  11. Very Nice!
  12. wow isnt it great when people are just nice and give it to you??
  13. I'm so glad you got the discount!!! Congrats on your purchases! :woohoo: