My Private Email is being inundated with Spammers from TPF

  1. Hello, Mods! Within the past few days, my private email account has been inundated with spam emails from "friends" from the Purse Forum who are pushing their fake sites. I just wanted you to know that, and was wondering how that could have happened, as none of these emails were rerouted through this forum. Thanks for your help!
  2. Chinese spammers try to work around the measures we have in place all the time. I apologize for the annoyance, we are working on restricting their access and protecting our membership continuously.
  3. this is why I don't give the option to contact me through e-mail, just via PM.
    You can take that option off then it can't happen anymore.
  4. Thank you so much. I have made my apologies to another first-time poster, as I thought she was pushing a fake site, but she wasn't. Thanks for doing what you can. It must be hard work, and you must be ever vigilant to keep this forum cleaned up, and it is very much appreciated.
  5. For now I would advise you do not allow people to contact you to your private email... these people realize they can not PM so now they are emailing. Ridiculous! Sorry about this, we are working on it.
  6. Me too - i have turned off the email function now.:idea:
    Thanks Vlad and Megs for working hard for us all, as always.:tup::flowers:
  7. Ugh, how annoying! I have that option turned off as well and very rarely let anyone contact me via email so that hasn't been a problem, luckily.
  8. received the spam emails too. going to turn off the email option now. Thanks mods!
  9. yes, i do the same. you can always give your email address out when you know someone better... :yes:
  10. tunring mine off now too