my printer died


Nov 2, 2005
I need a new printer for my computer (2 laptops) - I want an EASY to use, with no fancy features - can you throw a few ideas my way? My bf is useless (in this area anyway). THX!
i always prefer HP printers, i've had more luck with them than anything else (and i've tried several brands). the one i have now is inexpensive (about $100) and easy to use, plus it prints, copies, and scans. it's the PSC1210, i think, but i don't know if they make that particular one any more. i mainly only use it to print, but it's very convenient to have the other features, particularly since it's still quite compact. and since it's flat on top, you can sit stuff on it until you need to copy or scan.
Depends what you are using it for. I agree with Amanda, HP is a great printer brand...and stick with a printer if all you need is a printer. if you need speed and clarity, go with a higher pixel and a laserjet, you can get one relatively cheap. Go to the hp website, they have a feature that allows you to compare among printers.
At work, we use mainly HPs but at home, I have both a Lexmark and Epson. The Lexmark is the older one and I "retired" it. I bought the Epson R340 recently mainly because of the CD/DVD printing feature. The print quality is great.