~*My Priceless Polka Dot Poolooza (A King Sized KUSAMA REVEAL)*~

  1. Thank you!! :ty: !! I'll work on some mod pics this week ;)
  2. Thanks so much!! :smile:
  3. :heart::love::love::love: Thanks for sharing.
  4. Wow! Congrats on the great pieces! :loveeyes:
  5. Wow!! Congrats!!!
  6. Thank you! :smile:
  7. Great haul...congratulation.
    I am waiting for the modelling pict..
  8. Thanks!! :smile:
  9. Simply amazing haul!!! Love that black and white!!!! Congrats on those amazing babies!
  10. Great addition to your collection !
    Side note :
    - I have the same bed for my maltipoo, JUICY, except hers is the white multicolor. Also got her the matching toy purse. She even carries it around by the purse handle !
  11. Thank you! Thank you! I absolutely LVOE this line. There is something about it that just makes me so happy. I can't stop smiling while surrounded by these polka dots! :smile:
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    Wow wow wow wow wow!!!! Ammmaaazzzing!!!! Congrats on the most beautiful haul ever!:woot:
  13. Whoa congrats! Lots of LVoely pics!
  14. Congrats on ur purchases, what an amazing kusama collection. And love ur photography skills:smile:
  15. Congrats! That's a lot of dots :smile: