My Pretty Pretty New .....

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  1. They got in here today, and oooohhhhhhh they're sooo prreettyy!:love:

    They're brand new and will match my Cherry Blossom Satin Amarene perfectly!:yes:
    DSC06567.JPG DSC06568.JPG DSC06570.JPG Amarene9.jpg
  2. OMG I have never seen the bag or the shoes! GORGEOUS!!! :drool:
  3. ohhhhhhhhhh... the shoes are so pretty! and i love your amarene!!! congratulations londondolly.
  4. very nice...
  5. Very pretty! They look great with your bag:smile:
  6. lovely shoes!! :heart:
  7. Absolutely stunning!
  8. They are both TDF.:drool:
  9. very pretty..congrats!!!..
  10. Great shoes! It will look so cute with your matching bag. :smile:
  11. I have never seen that bag it is GAWGEOUS! And to shoes?? YUM YUM YUMMY!!!
  12. Those are cute!
  13. wow...those are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!
  14. congrats! Never seen BTW:smile:
  15. oooh! Love the shoes!! Love the red base and the metallics!
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