My Pretty Pink Box - Mystery Box

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  1. Hehe, I woke up early for this! Hoping for the best! :biggrin:
  2. Me too! I went for one. It's kind of hard to miss with beauty products.
  3. Sold out! Thanks though, hope you enjoy yours!
  4. Wow! That was fast. I'll post mine when it arrives!
  5. Holy cow, that was quick. I was waiting right when it started so I got one somehow. It better be good!
  6. I was sitting at the computer waiting for this! Haha I was able to order 2 before they were gone.
  7. I got mine too. Looks like paying through Paypal was the only option. Has anyone else done this before? Was it worth it to get 2 packages?
  8. Got mine today...I'm done with surprises!..although the Shop Intuition grab bag was pretty cool.
    This box was cute packaging but that's about it. It came in a plastic 'chinese take-out' type box. A few samples and a full size lipstick but not worth the money in my opinion. I'll post a picture when I get home tonight.
  9. ^ ahh that sucks, but thanks for giving us the headups. I will definitly not be ordering from them.
  10. My USPS tracking says it will come sometime today.. hope it will be better!
  11. I got mine today...will post pics later
  12. Same - only mine was a full size caboodles lip gloss. oh well
  13. Bummer, I wasn't able to buy the boxes in time, but it seems like it wasn't worth it.. I thought they were supposed to give at least 3-4 full sized products?
  14. Yeah, I bought 2 boxes but they weren't really worth the money. A got a full sized lipstick in one with samples and a full size mineral blush in another with samples. Oh well, the surprise part was fun!