My pretty new blue stone necklace - pics! :)

  1. Hi ladies! :smile: I went to go pick up my pink caviar flap at NM, but my SA mistakenly ordered it with gold h/w... ahh well, my bag is coming in soon, but I couldn't resist buying this pretty, fun necklace that just came in! :heart: It's great with jeans, etc. and the price is definitely much better than some of the new necklaces I've seen haha! :p

    My necklace chillin in its box haha:

    Necklace on me:

    Close up of the necklace on me:

    I'm pretty sure there was one more left at my NM... if you'd like the info for my SA, just PM me! :tup:

    Thanks for letting me share! :heart:
  2. I love it! Blue is one of my fave colors. Looks great on you.
  3. love the necklace
  4. I love this. Congrats!
  5. The necklace is lovely :tup: Very casual chic!!!!
  6. Congrats, you are wearing the necklace well.
  7. Cute, congrats!
  8. What a lovely necklace! Looks fab on you!:heart:
  9. It looks great on you!
  10. Very pretty necklace! How much is it??
  11. I love blue, and this necklace really does look very nice on you. How much was it, if you don't mind me asking?
  12. OOOH! I love the colors in that necklace!SO pretty on u!
  13. The necklace is lovely and it looks great on you!
  14. VERY pretty! Congrats!
  15. Nice color:tup: And it looks so pretty on you:yes: Congrats!