~~~My Pretty Good Size-- LV collection (CB,Graffiti,Cerises,Panda)

  1. Hi everyone.

    I have just joined TPF about a month ago. I have just started posting since last week.

    I have seen so many amazing purse collections here. So, I would like to show my purse collection too.

    I have mostly lv purses..some dior, chanel, hermes and tods. I only have my lv collection at the moment.

    Will try to post all of my bag picture leter.

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  2. oh god. you cerise collection is the hotness. im jealous. you and twinkle tink have the most tdf cerise stuff.... *sigh*
  3. wow, thats an impressive collection of cerise
  4. Love the cerise. Hope to own a piece one day.
  5. oh my...
    are u a cerises cpecialist?LOL!
    it's TDF!
  6. Wow you are the Cerises Queen!! Beautiful LV collection. Welcome to TPF!
  7. Love the cerises pieces:
  8. love the cerises!!
  9. Love the Cerises! I always wanted those mules but never got around to getting them.
  10. your cerises collection is awesome!
  11. oh my, your cerises collection is devine.
  12. Gorgeous cerises! First pic doesn´t open.
  13. Thank you for visiting my showcase. I thought this thread didn't show up that why I posted another thread of my bag collections. Please visit.

    Cupcake, I am a big fan of all your posts. You are very big LV collector. I envy you. :smile:
  14. well you are a cerice addict. ;)
  15. lovely collection. :smile: