My President's Day Weekend Loot

  1. On Thursday, I won this on eBay:

    On Saturday at the Leesburg, VA outlet:


    Yesterday at the Hagerstown, MD outlet (had to borrow pic from eBay):
  2. Wow! You scored! My outlet had the one you got off eBay and that's it.

    It's so pretty IRL!
  3. Gorgeous! I really love the pink frame and the one you got on Ebay is darling.
  4. Congratulations! I love all of it!
  5. oh, gorgeous lovely pieces! really nice summer things!
  6. Everything is so pretty! I love the pink framed clutch!
  7. Wow! Congrats! And everything matches so nicely.
  8. You did awesome! Those are all beautiful! You must be proud!
  9. Congrats! Enjoy!
  10. Kathyrose you are seriously the Coach queen of the forum LOL. I love everything!! And your scarf print Zoe makes me want to get another one of them :lol:
  11. I love the pink and silver wristlet! How much? and how much were the hot pink (both). We saw that wristlet but it came out to $40...
  12. Beautiful!!!!
  13. Great purchases! I think I'm going to have to swing by my closest Coach outlet store this weekend!
  14. NICE LOOT!:yes:

    They only had the gold madison at my outlet!
  15. Kathyrose, nice loot. You really got some nice things. We had a few of those pieces local. I'm sure you will wear them go! & Congrats. on your buys.