My present to me!

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  1. This is my Xmas gift to myself!
  2. gorgeous. I love 'em
  3. ive wanted those for ages - you are soooooooooooo lucky
  4. :nuts: You must've been very good to deserve such a present! Congrats, they're amazing!
  5. i llooovve thoosee!
  6. I love them so much!!!!!! I hope your x'mas is getting better and better.
  7. they're hot, congrats.
  8. Happy Christmas to you. The best gifts are always chosen by ourselves ;)

    congrats, they are such cuties :biggrin:
  9. Gorgeous!! congratulations!!
  10. Niceeeee!
  11. They are very cute! Merry Christmas to you!
  12. Congrats, and what a great way to treat yourself for X-Mas!! I love those Louboutins!
  13. CUTE!!! Sadly I have to dispose of my pony hairs:crybaby: .....they just cant take anymore wear and tear.
  14. gorgeous!!!!!:heart:
  15. there a cute