My presale purchase! First Non outlet bag!

  1. I was in Atlantic City over the weekend and went by the Gucci Store to check out the bags and fell in love with this bag. The bag I purchased is slightly larger than the one pictured because it was $1795. I am a designer loving bargain shopper so this was a big step for me, but at 40% off on a bag that will probably never make it to the outlet, I thought it was worth it.
  2. congrats on the great find!
  3. What a gorgeous bag!
  4. what a great choice! i would've bought it too -- such a deal :biggrin:
  5. congrats!!
  6. congrats!=)
  7. CONGRATS!I love it!I just ordered the Britt in cream/white for a Saks presale..(i pick it up FRI!).at 40% off too!!I got the tote one..So happy!

  8. OMG, that is a beautiful bag at a gorgeous price. Let me drool...:drool:
  9. This is probably one of the best purchases you could make for a 1st Gucci non-outlet bag!
  10. oooohhh this bag is sooo nice! classy! I would totally love it in white!! lucky girl!!!
  11. Wow - great for the summer and great price - congrats!
  12. great bag!
  13. Ooh love it!! Congrats
  14. Great choice! I have a Britt med hobo in black leather and they're really comfortable.
  15. Congrats, very pretty!