My Pregnancy Journey

  1. First of all, I would like to explain that I thought long & hard about the suitability of this thread. I know that many women on here are trying for babies & some have tragically lost babies recently. To those women, I am truely sorry. I asked Megs advice as I didn't want to be 'rubbing it in' to those women, or to make their difficult times any harder, but she felt & I have to agree that some people would still be interested in my pregnancy. So, I hope I don't offend anyone, I'm not setting out to upset people. I just want to share my pregnancy as I have no close family to share it with & none of my close friends have children. So I'm sort of fumbling my way along.

    Ok, I found out nearly 4 weeks ago that I was pregnant. Totally by surprise, we most definitly weren't trying or even contemplating trying for a baby! At first I was devastated by the shock, I spent two days crying. But eventually I got used to the idea & now I'm almost looking forward to it. I say almost as for the last 3 1/2 weeks I've been struck with chronic morning sickness and its very hard to vision anything beyond this.

    I am now 9 1/2 weeks. My baby is due June 5th 2007. At 8 weeks I had a dating scan. Below is the picture. It was rather amazing. Even at that small age we could see the heart beating & could make out legs & arms.

    My next 'big date' is the 12 week scan where they check for signs of illness or any problems with the baby or the pregnancy in general. I'm having that on 17th November. So hopefully on the 18th I'll be happily posting all the many pictures I get from that!

    I'll keep you updated as things move along.

  2. congrats and I hope you have a healthy and safe pregnancy.
  3. Your due date is two days behind mine :smile: I'm glad that your pregnancy is going so well. Mine is too! I just had a quick check up today since my BP was a little bit high at my last appointment. I had been taking readings at home everyday, and they were normal at home. Doctor came over to my house, and it was normal again. I guess I just have doctors-office-anxiety! haha ;)

    Lucky you for getting a picture of your baby! I wasn't able to, but that's okay :smile: Maybe next time!!

    Hope your morning sickness is getting better! I have found myself somewhat wishing for it, but after reading what some people go through - I think I'll pass! :heart:
  4. I'd love to hear about your pregnancy, definately keep giving us updates!
    You'll have to show me as the baby grows what's what...(head, arms, legs) because I can't figure it out! lol
  5. Congratulations to you! (And lamiastella) :flowers: . For most, morning sickness goes away by the second trimester so you are in the home stretch! It's great that you are starting this thread to share with us. I didn't jot down anything during my pregnancy and I regret not journaling it... My husband reminded me just yesterday how much hearburn I had in my third trimester- I forgot!

    I wish you and baby a happy and healthy pregnancy... it's an amazing journey and I can't wait read your updates!
  6. Oh no!! Heartburn? :sad: :sad: I've never had it before, hopefully I won't get it. hehe, I don't know if it hurts or not - but from the commercial's I've seen on TV, it doesn't look pleasant.
  7. How exciting!! I look forward reading more as you near closer to your due date!! Congrats!!
  8. Congratulations, I look foward to your posts!:smile:
  9. Congrats!!! Can't wait to read about the pregnancy journey :flowers:
  10. Aww congrats ! :smile: Wishing you a wonderful pergnancy.
    I loved being pregnant. it's just such a special thing ^^
    My daughter was born in June too :smile:
    Looking forward to reading your updates :biggrin:
  11. I love reading about this and I loved your picture. I have ultrasound pix from my entire pregnancy and it is the most amazing and unbelievable thing to see. My baby is 5 months old now and I have terrific memories of being pregnant.
    Thank you for sharing.
  12. Gongratulations I think thas wonderful!
  13. So glad you posted!! Life is such a miracle... that pic gave me goosebumps!!! Good luck with the morning sickness and keep us posted :heart:
  14. Hello ladies!

    Thank you all so much for your words of kindness & support. It really means an awful lot to me, thank you.

    I've noticed that I am getting heartburn too, bt I am putting that down to the MS which is still pretty constant. Some days are much worse than others, but fingers crossed I only havea couple more weeks to go! yeah! Lami, I wouldn't go wishing for this at all! its nasty! Absolutely everything I smell makes me sick! Even get this, a paper bag! My DH was worried about me & got me seom airline style sick bags, but the smell of the paper just makes me retch instantly! its so odd! everything just makes me ill. Food wise, I have noticed that I have roughly a 3 day tolerance period. On the first day, its the only thing I can eat, it doesn't make me ill & it actaully helps. On the second day, its ok, it still doesn't make me sick, but its not stopping me from feeling ill either. on the third day, it makes me sick. :sad: And once I'm sick on something, every time I smell it/ think of it from then on, I'm sick!
    but my doctor did give me one helpful piece of advice ;Whatever you fancy, have it! Even if you fancy cake! have it!

    How great is that? or would it be if I could eat it? :biggrin:

    I really just want this sickness to be over so I can get on with enjoying my pregnancy & looking forward to having a new life. Its very depressing when I wake up at 2 am & have to stagger to the loo to be sick.

    I've also noticed a huge increase in my ability to sleep :biggrin: Last night I went to bed at 6pm, for a 'nap' & woke up this morning at 8 am. That seems to happen a lot.......

    I've added a few really poor notes to my first scan pic. I'm sorry they aren't very good, but I don't have a great programme on this comp. Hopefully they should make it abit easier to work out which bits are which though! When you look you'll be able to see them, I hope, its the feet, arms, spine & head.

    Thanks again for all your support, it really cheers me up to read your messages,

    thanks :flowers:

  15. Totally forgot to mention! the absolute worst thing ever about the morning sickness is that the smell of leather is one of the worst trigger smells :sad: so that means I can't carry my fabulous new Tods D bag or my beautiful new LV or any leather/leather smelling items for that matter :sad: boooo!

    Roll on nice bit of pregnancy! :biggrin: