My precious little Nerone (long post)

  1. When I first saw the Prada Gift catalogue in December I started lusting after all the bear charms. Some of the people around me told me they looked as though they were made in China; others told me that it seriously wasn't worth SGD230. To me though there was this charm (pun not intended) about the bears that made it love at first sight.

    So with Christmas coming round the corner & my sisters having no clue as to what to get for me as presents (also since they didn't get me a birthday present) they decided to each get me one bear. I'd been eyeing Nerone & Quirino, & I was so excited the day I headed down to Prada.

    But alas, it just wasn't meant to be. The stores had the bigger charms only as display pieces which weren't up for sale, & the little cell phone versions were way too tiny for me to justify spending SGD150 for each bear. Fortunately for me, the SA I had was really great & offered to put me on the waiting list for Nerone & Quirino although she wasn't sure if they would really come. She also told me that they might only come in Mar08. I was so bummed & came back home, went straight to tpf & wished I was in the shoes of some of the other girls who managed to get their bears. :s

    Fast forward to today! I thought it was going to be another somewhat mundane day at work but I was wrong! I received a phone call from the same SA telling me that Nerone had come in & it was mine, mine, mine! :nuts::yahoo:Although I asked her to hold it for me till Friday I immediately made plans to head to Prada to visit Nerone & take him home!

    So I finally left worked & reached Prada, located the SA (by this time I didn't recognise her) who, upon hearing it was me, immediately went off to get my baby! As she was letting me inspect Nerone for any potential defects, both she & another SA both came to me & gave me their undivided attention even though there were Japanese tourists in the shop too! I thought that was really nice considering I was in DFS & would usually get tossed aside from all the tourists. The both of them went on to tell me that my Nerone was the one & only piece they managed to get, although they also have 1 piece each of Achilles & Narciso. My SA also went on to divulge that Prada will be having a V-day bear that'll be coming soon! She also mentioned, even though she doubts it will come in, that she'll continue to try to get one Quirino to bring in so that he can be mine again! :girlsigh:

    I must say that I was impressed with my SA's service, considering some of the bad experiences that some of you have had in the US stores. If any of you come to Singapore do go to DFS Scottswalk & look for Cindy. Even though I'm still regarded as a "generic" customer - as stated in my receipt - I'm sure you'd get great service from her, like I did.

    My apologies for my long post; I guess I got so caught up writing all this that I didn't realise that I just experienced a case of verbal diarrohea. Without further ado, I present Nerone! (I just call him Blackie, for obvious reasons!)
    P1020935.jpg P1020947.jpg P1020949.jpg P1020957.jpg
  2. cute! congrats!
  3. Congrats on getting him!
  4. So Cute!!!
  5. congrats on your sweetie!
    Blackie must be really happy at his new home
  6. very cute :smile: