My precious is here!!!

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  1. Here she is; my crown jewel, a bag I have only dreamed about before; a 1947 black box Kelly. I have a vintage Kelly. Me. I can´t quite grasp it yet:p She´s a 35cm, absolutely stunning, love love love her. I will post modelling pictures tomorrow, work was total poo today and I look the part.

    Introducing miss Kelly:love:

    and her friend; Pegasus (my favorite and first cadena):heart::heart:

    and a Globetrotter(?) in raisin/lavender with contrast stitching:heart::heart:

    These were so worth the wait and with these being on a ban is so much easier:p The seller just happens to be someone we all know and love, DQ:heart:
  2. What a beauty!! And the cadena is a perfect touch! Congrats.
  3. Your vintage Kelly is lovely!!! I also love your other goodies too! Enjoy!
  4. Congratulations , she is perfect Nola. So pleased for you.:heart:
    Love the cadena aswell.
    She looks incredible for her age. (or maybe because of it!!!)
  5. Very nice! Wear her in great health!
  6. Congrats! She's a classic beauty if there ever was one. Narrowly missed her IRL, but I hope to meet her next time.
  7. wow! she is gorgy!! my how she has aged so well!! love vintage kellys! congrats!
  8. gorgeous! congrats, nola:yahoo:!
  9. Gorgeous, Nola! Congratulations!! Can't wait to see her in action :yes:
  10. YAY for Nola! I can't believe the beauty of your Kelly. She is perfect! Can't wait to see your gorgeous modeling pix.
  11. OMG Nola, absolutely gorgeous...Congratulations!
  12. OMG!!! SHE IS STUNNING!! What a great bag you have! An absolute CLASSIC bag!! CONGRATS! Can't wait for the modeling pics!!!
  13. Nola - she is absolutely gorgeous and well worth the wait! Looks smashing with the cadena! A fabulous bag for a fabulous lady! Congratulations! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  14. :girlsigh: Congratulations! What a dreamy beauty!
  15. omg she's here :yahoo::yahoo:and what a beauty :heart: well worth the wait!! Pegasus looks adorable on her, too. Can't wait to see you modeling the Precious :yes:
    Love the Globetrotter, gorgeous colours!
    I'm so happy for you :heart: