My pre-loved chocolate Spy has arrived

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  1. Finally I have my first Spy! :yahoo:It's pre-loved and I actually love the fact that it has softened and been worn in. There are however a couple of white scuffs where the colour has worn off. I took it into the Fendi boutique and the SA just put a clear conditioner on it when didn't do much. Do you think I could try and carefully use some brown polish or is that a big no no?

    I would usually post pics but we just got robbed and my digital camera got stolen!
  2. Good Lord, sorry about the robbery!
    I don't know about the others, but I don't think I'd try the shoe polish thing.
    Do you have a leather repair shop or a saddlery where you are? Maybe they can give some advice.
  3. No, I don't think the shoe polish thing sounds like a good idea either.

    Congrats on your first spy, though!
  4. congrats on the bag! I just love the chocolate when it starts to weather & blush a bit, it looks awesome -- the character & beauty. More personality IMO. :yes:
  5. Congratulations!

    Love love love the chocolate spy:tup:
  6. I'm so agree with Baglady !!!
    Chocolate is gorgeous when it looks vintage !!!
  7. Congrats!!! The choco spy looks great when it's a bit worn...very vintage and she will look very loved!!
  8. OK. I just couldn't help myself. Although I am not recommending this process, here is what I did and it worked. First I lathered the bag in leather conditioner to soften it up. I then got a rag and just dabbed it on the chocolate shoe polish and then lightly brushed it over the white scuff marks. Very gently I kept repeating this process and they slowly faded away. Only a few tiny marks remain but there are more light brown than white now.

    I let the bag dry and then gently buffed it with a brush and then a soft cloth to make sure the polish wouldn't mark my clothes! She still has a lovely vintage look but with a more confidant shine. Phew!

    Again, I took a big risk here and I agree with the girls it is probably better to get profesional advice. In Sydney though we are not so spoilt for choice when it comes to handbags or repairs!
  9. You have been very brave ;)...
    and I'm glad your "experiment" worked :smile:))) !!!
  10. sentavita, I can certainly understand that insatiable desire to improve a less-than-perfect bag on arrival. I did not have any bag moisturizer when the green spy came, and I just couldn't handle it so I put some aveeno on it to halt its suffering!
  11. Congratulations on your new baby :smile: :smile:

    I have the choco too and have just started to notice the blushing on the top rim and on the back of the wallet where the snap is on the other side. But I agree, I think it gives it a great look.
  12. Congrats! I agree with ILuvMyHusband. My chocolate spy has blushing on the top rim too. I hated it at first but I dare not put anything on my spy. I will just leave it and accept that it's part of the nappy leather.