My pre-increase & others items I never got around to posting

  1. Well, like any other lady, esp. any tpf'er worth her high heels and handbags :p, I scored a few items at the last moment before the increase.

    Despite the pre-increase chaos -aka- last few days before Chanel increases prices to heights unknown, I managed to find a white GST in caviar leather with gold hardware locally to complete my collection of GSTs. This was mainly due to a fellow tpf'er who made me aware of the fact the white also came with gold hardware, in addition to the white with silver I already had. So, my GST collection is complete: GSTs= 5.
    Black with silver h/w
    Black with gold h/w
    White with silver h/w
    White with gold h/w and
    Beige with gold h/w.............Don't plan on any more GSTs - Done.:nogood:

    Also I got this yummy brown flap in glazed lambskin with interwoven chain and MM lock. Love this bag - It has moved in and stole my heart - feels like I have always owned it. Flap= 7, Flaps will be my focus for the Spring / Summer 08 - Can't wait!:love:

    Other guility pleasures I never got around to posting include the black lambskin clutch , I got while waiting on the black patent clutch. Clutch= 3
    White Caviar Clutch
    Black Lambskin Clutch
    Black Patent Clutch.........Don't plan on any more......Done.:nogood:

    I am so done until Spring / Summer.:banned:
    gst w goldaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.JPG gst white gld silaaaaaaaaaa.JPG gst 5aaaaaaaaaaaaa.JPG brown glazedaaaaaaaaaa.JPG brownaaaaaaaaaaaaa.JPG
  2. Pictures continued........

    Done, I tell you, done....:p......until Spring.;)
    lamb patentaaaaaaaaaaa.JPG clutch1aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.JPG
  3. WOW!!

    yes, no more bag shopping for you. lol
  4. Congrats on your beautiful additions. I love the brown flap. :love:
  5. WOW!!!! So many amazing purchases! Love everything, especially the timeless clutches. :love:
  6. ^^ I was a good girl, only 2 were right before the increase and the other 2 were items to lazy to post. I KNOW there are tpf'ers that were truly bad girls!!! :p

    Let's see all of everyone's pre-increase buys....
  7. Beautiful collection. I agree..purse ban till 2008!
  8. OOh love that brown flap it looks sooo yummy!
  9. :amazed::blink::blink::blink: WOW!!! JUST WOW!!! :nuts:

    Congrats on all of your GST's, flaps and clutches!!!:woohoo:

    :banned: No more bags for you this year :roflmfao:
  10. Purrrfect you definitely are the GST and clutch queen!:queen:
    Love all your new bags esp the clutches- :nuts:all of them TDF!Congrats!
  11. Love your bags.....Congrats
  12. What no GST in Navy? Kidding...FAB collection!
  13. beautiful clutches:tup::drool:
  14. Agree - No more GST and clutch for ya!
    Hard to believe but I beat you in the clutch department. Black patent, red lambskin and black/white caviar here.
  15. so temping (after seeing your GSTs...)