My "Pre" HAC...Evelyne PM Rouge Garance


Apr 11, 2006
Im starting 2007 with a Hermes Evelyn PM bag in Rouge Garance.

I went to Hermes Boutique with my Best Friend to give my SA a Xmas gift and also ask my wonderful SA for the Rouge H Evelyn GM. It was unavailable at that time and wanted to order it from other stores. She then suggest the Evelyn Rouge Garance PM because the Rouge H Evelyne GM2 would be too big for 5'4 frame like me and it's better to get the PM one...AND I can take it "Home" with me. I said, Sure..I think the Rouge Garance is a bit "Corally- Red"..but..I'll check it out. My SA pleasantly looked at me about my "Knowledge" of Hermes colors and went to the back. Meanwhile..My BFF and I were looking around..I saw a few Bolides, Evelyne PM in Vert Anis, Croc Birkin 40 or 50 Noir. She came out with a "Sealed" Box and opened the Rouge Garance Evelyn PM and WHAT A BEAUTY it was!!! The color is PERFECT. A combination of Coral and Red..not too flashy or bright....Perfection!! The size is just right and I knew I had to have it.

As she prepare to finish the transaction, putting it in that "Orange Box" complete with ribbons and bag..My SA and I started talking about my HAC 36cm OR Birkin 35cm order that she currently put me on the list. (Graphite w/ Ruthenium HW OR Potiron w/Gold HW)....She looked and "HINTED" to my Best Friend while pointing at me (I was BUSY counting my cash for payment!!!)
that "He's GETTING A BIRKIN". I thought I heard what she said and HAD to ask my Best Friend (when she turned to the register, whispering..!) "What did she say????"..she did say "You're getting a Birkin"!!!I got excited and still kept my composure. As my Wonderful SA gave me the BIG orange bag...she said...See you in 2007!!! Hugs and off our way!! I tell was a fabulous feeling leaving that Hermes store with the huge Orange bag and Imaging myself leaving the Boutique again..sometime in 2007 with a Birkin!!!

I hope I'd have a properous New Year 2007!!

To all my Pfers...Guys and girls..HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!!!
May ALL your Birkin wish come true in 2007 (K)
Here's the Pics!!

The 1st pics has no flash..that's closest Rouge Garance color in pictures looks like..the rest has flash...its not as "Orangey" as it shown...I love it..Thanks Ladies & Gentlemen!!!


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Thanks Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Appreciate the input. I wont officially use it until spring 2007. (That's the time where I break out my "New" Bags)

The straps is a bit short for me..but, I can carry it off my shoulders. It didn't look well "Across" my chest, messenger style..It falls just right above my waist. I think the straps on the Evelyns are short, Anyhow..I love it.
It's a Hands-Free bag!!!. I did wish the straps are a bit longer..but I have other messenger bags I can carry (Balenciaga)

luvurbag, what a great day for you ( and your best friend!) your Evelyne is really pretty. That gorgeous Rouge will go with so many things. And, in addition to your lovely purchase, you're getting a Birkin!!

Congratulations! I enjoyed your post.