My pre-deployment presents that are just going to be put into storage unused...

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  1. My family's thoughts and prayers for a safe deployment and return! Our sincere gratitude for what you and hubby do for us! Be safe!

    You have great bags to greet your return!

  2. As an american I want to say I thank to you and your husband (and anyone else here on this board) for being willing to take this kind of stand for your Country. Also to fight for and protect another country, you all are truly Heroes!!

    I pray God's blessings and protection on you and your husband, as well all others here on this forum that are there or have family there!!! Be safe!!!
  3. Great choices. Stay safe while you're overseas. It'll be nice to know that you've got a few goodies waiting for you to come back to.
  4. Hi everyone!

    This thread was such a nice sendoff. I re-read it and all the support made me feel so gushy inside!

    It's hot as heck here, and dirty...dusty...yuck. but we are all managing! our rooms are air conditioned so it isn't too bad...

    Many of you wanted my address, so I will post it here:

    SGT Candace Westlund
    C/7-158 AVN
    Joint Base Balad
    APO AE 09391

  5. Aww Candace! Glad to see you're safe! (((HUGS)))
  6. May god bless you and keep you both. Thank you for your service.

    Be Safe!
  7. Candace, your post and the replies of the others made me cry. Thank you, your hubby & your units for all you do.

    If you are able to send your address to your contacts on the forum, and it is ok to share it, let us know. Often the kids at school want to send letters & boxes & we don't know where to send things (I doubt we can send Coach! LOL).

    My son is in the latter part of college, but is looking at joining up. I still don't understand how all that works, but am learning from the --not always clear college-student explanations-- he gives me. He's 21 so he needs to find his way.

    Best wishes to you , your hubby & your units, keep us updated as best you can.
  8. First of all be safe, and do not stop post so that we can keep in touch with you..

    Second the bags are great and this is the perfect time... to get them
  9. Be well and be safe. I admire you already for being able to carry a gun and yet loving Coach bags. :biggrin: Take care.
  10. I think it's safe to say we are all glad you are safe! :smile: Take care & best wishes. Can't wait til you get to come home & use your new presents! :smile:
  11. Gorgeous bags! I'm sure you're over there already, judging by the dates on this thread. Hope everything is going ok. It's not so bad over there husband has done 3 tours there and he said it's as safe as it'll ever be! Anyway, you take care, best of luck to you!
  12. Thanks everyone :hugs:

    I updated a few posts up, and listed my address :yes:

    Thanks for the support, it is truly the best part of being a Soldier!!! :hugs:

    coachlover, it is true that now is much better than it was at the beginning, when our husbands were here before. Definitely!
  13. Ive cried reading them too, HOPE YOU COME BACK SAFE AND SOUND!

  14. I could not have said it better. please be safe :O)
  15. I can only agree with what the others have said, thank you and so so so glad you are safe!!!