My pre-deployment presents that are just going to be put into storage unused...

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  1. You deserve it I support you all the way honey. I appreciate what you guys do I am an Army wife and Army sister and my hubby is in Afghanistan and my baby brother is in Iraq. You deserve the goodies and I am sure you will be getting much more when you get back home.
  2. ^Bless you.
  3. Good luck over there come home safe!
  4. Yay the new bags! Wishing you a safe return (we know you're getting there...just gotta get you back!) from Iraq!
  5. Congrats on the bags and good luck and God bless you for serving our country!
  6. A big thank you to you and your husband. I :heart: the troops. Stay safe over there!

    (Oh, and I grin every time I read 'Gloss rhymes with hair.' That show cracks me up!)
  7. I am grateful for people like your husband and baby brother. :heart:

  8. I always wonder who gets my quote ;) hehehhe!!!!!
  9. oh man! why would you resist! they are gorgeous! I give you major props for doing what you do when i read this it just reminded me of the times my sister has deployed :sad:? I wish you nothing but the BEST! you get back here safe and sound so you can put Sabrina to Use!!
  10. Best wishes to you and your hubby for a safe deployment and safe return! Thank you both for all you do for our country. It is much appreciated. :heart:
  11. Much love and respect for you and your DH, Candace! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. :heart:

    I look forward to modeling pics with you new goodies when you return!

    Check in on us off and on when you can while you're away!
  12. great choices.

    good luck candace, my sister just got back from Iraq. everyone over there is in my prayers.
  13. Congrats. on the new goods! Many good wishes to you and your DH--be safe! We are so grateful for all that you do! xo
  14. Wow, Candace those are so beautiful. Thank you so much for what you and your husband do for us. Best wishes on your deployment. If you feel like an extra TPF pen pal, I'd love to write to you!
  15. Awh yay Candace, beautiful new goodies!!! Congrats and what a sweetie husband you have!

    Be safe in Iraq please!!!!!! :hugs: Good luck and THANK YOU to you and all of our troops!