My pre-deployment presents that are just going to be put into storage unused...

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  1. Best Wishes from me as well! I hope you will have a safe time with your dh in iraq! We'll miss you! I admire your courage to take a step for this country! I wish you the best and many many blessings! Be safe! :hugs:
  2. Fortunately he's going too! :biggrin: We're a dual military family so we get to go on adventures together (well as long as we are in the same unit - which will only be this way until we get back).
  3. Are you guys planning to settle down any time soon? Do you have a sentence that you need to serve before you both could settle and stay in the US? I think this is exciting, especially together, but I m also thinking that someday you also want to start a family and settle down, right?
    Will you be comming back to oregon after iraq?
  4. This is my first jaunt overseas, before DH and I were together he was stationed in Germany while on active duty - we got together when he was in Iraq (which was right before he got off active duty and came home - he grew up in Oregon). I grew up in California and moved up here to go to college. We're both in the National Guard so we get to stay in Oregon full time. I work full time for the Guard, DH is still in school and has a couple years left to do when we get back. We both have plans on becoming officers and want to have some long and happy years in the military, wherever it takes us. As of now we do not have plans to have children so that isn't an issue, we have our dogs and that keeps us plenty busy.

    We don't view it as a sentence ;) But as a blessing for the job we do. Medical Evacuation is the best mission in the Army in my mind and even if I end up doing something else later, I will never forget the years I spent doing my job. Especially DH as he is a flight medic.

    ETA: I said 'dogs' but really meant dog, as we lost one of our babies this year. that was a huge faux pas but I guess it shows I'm still not used to her being gone :s
  5. So what happens to your dogs when you're gone for a whole year? I m sorry to hear that you lost your other dog :sad: .
    I love the medical field. I didn't know you get to do that in the army as well... it sounds great! As long as you two are happy with what you do- then go for it! To me all of this sounds so intersting because I know nothing about it at all! I'd love to know more but I dont want to drive you nuts with typing all night LoL.
    Your life sounds like an adventure to me :yes:... I bet it is, when you go into a new country and don't know that much about what's going to happen... it's such a blessing to be togher with DH working as a team, I wish I could do the same! DH and me were actually trying to figure out something that we could do together as well, but so far we don't have any great ideas, plus a 2 yr old that keeps us from "adventuring off" too far as well... LoL.
  6. Wishing you and your husband a safe time away, and come home safely. Your gorgeous bags will be waiting for you and you made a great choice. They are both gorgeous. Take care.
  7. First off thank you and your hubby for serving in our military.
    That is really great that you guys get to go over to Iraq together to be there for one another.
    Stay safe and check in on here from time to time to let us all know how you both are doing (if you can).
    You have extremely good willpower to be able to buy something knowing that you wont be able to use it for a little while.
    They will be good Welcome Home presents for when you return.

  8. Candace, I always enjoy your posts. Stay safe....and thank you for what you and your hubby do for us!
  9. Great bags!! :tup:

    Be safe over there!!!
  10. Safe passage Candace, and thank you for the bravery that you do every day in keeping our country safe,,,many prayers and blessings and cone back soon..
  11. I will echo the sentiments posted by everyone else - thank you for all the sacrafices you make to keep us all safe (and leaving two brand new gorgeous bags untouched for a year - now that is a real sacrafice!) Seriously, stay safe and I agree that it must be so comforting to have each other in a situation like that. You were the one who showed me how to resize photos to post when I first joined tPf! Do you have access to the internet at any time during your deployment? If so, please check in with us from time to time. I love that flag that Carrie posted for you - nice job, Carrie!!!
  12. Beautiful presents.

    I hope you have a safe return home.. you'll be in my thoughts! Thank you for all that you do :heart:
  13. Safe return Candace. We'll be here welcoming you well as your Coach beauties and your place at home.
  14. I would like to thank you and your husband for serving your country and keepiing us safe so we can live in the greatest country in the world.
  15. Please remember that we're all thinking of you and praying for a speedy, safe return home back to the States. Godspeed!