My Prada Story

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  1. I want to share my Prada story.

    I bought my first (approx. $650 converted) black Prada bag over a week ago by meeting someone I met from online. I checked her other items where I'm familiar with authenticity like LV & Gucci, and got quite assured that everything she sells is authentic.

    After much research, I had a bad feeling that what I bought was a fake. I immediately posted detailed pics for authentication and Missfiggy was kind enough to entertain my query. I also sent a PM to another TPFer and she likewise mentioned that my bag was a fake. (you can find my post on page 62 of Authenticate This thread.)

    Its a good thing I didn't remove the wraps of the handles and Immediately contacted the seller so I could get a refund. After much explanation to the seller (I told her about TPF) , thank God I got the refund yesterday.

    I'm so relieved to get my money back and even more so that I got the rip off out of my life.

    My issue is, the seller sent me a text last night, telling me that she sold the bag to another buyer for around $850us! (I'm converting from Phippine Peso). She also told me that Prada Manila's manager checked the bag and gave it a thumbs up.

    Firstly, I'm pretty sure after much research that the bag is indeed fake. Secondly, I called Prada in Greenbelt Manila and they said they do not authenticate bags. Thirdlly, (and this is the key), I asked the seller where exactly in Italy she got that particular bag. This was her answer: Her friend knows "someone" from "Prada Factory" who delivers the bags straight to her hotel. :confused1:

    I don't know where this bag is now, If indeed she sold it to a real person or everything is a big lie.

    I just want to share my experience. It's a very unusual one but I learned something, and I hope someone out there would be more careful before purchasing anything.


    Just before I was going to publish this post, I checked back on the Authenticate this thread and found another user posting pics of the same bag I bought!
  2. I'm glad you were able to get a refund. When people start saying that they know "someone" who works at the factory, that's usually a sign that the bags are fakes.
  3. Don't worry about it another one will come along - its better to have got your refund than be stuck with a fake- you were lucky to get one. Don't be second guessing yourself I would trust the PF authenticators more than some of the SA in stores
  4. True!

    I was almost going to believe the Prada Manager bit... Good thing I had a chance to return it before it was too late.

    I've a very modest collection of bags I love and I wouldn't want to ruin all my hard work by adding a fake to it.
  5. Scumbag criminals are every where. This is nothing new....unfortunately.
  6. Welcome back PP:hugs:

  7. Only "sort of" back, M'Dear. Along with our ill-fated trip (which STILL has me in the foulest of moods), my carpal tunnel is raging big time, so I can't do much on the pooter. :girlsigh:
  8. PP when you can type more I want to hear what happened lol!!!
  9. Oh and preppie-----thanx for taking the time to post your story..this is very good info as the PF is taking on new members every day....I bet you saved someone from buying a fake bag today!

  10. Check my Facebook Profile from Sunday 9/26-Oct/3. You'll read all about it, but this article pretty well sums it up:

    That's where we were, just to the South on the beach front....
  11. Emmy, I believe there are new members who are scammers too! That's why its great that our experts don't discuss in detail how to authenticate.
  12. PP, I was hoping you could get a look at the bag I posted at Authenticate This thread... I didn't know then that you were waya. But good thing Missfiggy was kind enough to help me.
  13. Thank you for sharing the story! We learn everyday in our lives. PP, I hope everything will be in order again soon!

  14. ^ Really??!?! I'm oblivious....that sucks!!! I hope they will be discovered and kicked out of the PF then...
  15. Sharing is caring!!! thanks for letting us know, and good thing your gut instinct told you right. Hope we can all steer clear of scammers....I've been had a couple of times, too, all before my beautiful intro to TPF.....