My Prada Sad Story - "almost" torn handles

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  1. I feel incredibly frustrated and need to voice out.
    Some of you might remember my happiness for getting the bag of my dream (Prada Antik Cervo). This beauty is not brand new (got it off *bay after being authenticated here). Unfortunately I have only had her for less than three months.
    We had fun taking her to my overseas trip last week. However when I got back to clean her, I noticed that the handles are “almost” torn. I am too upset to even describe her condition in words. I took pictures to show my fellow TPF-ers. I blame myself for perhaps putting too much junk inside her… perhaps it’s too much pressure for her to go on our trip (plane ride, sightseeing, shopping) – I know I use the strap more than the handles. DH blames Prada for poor workmanship. At this point, I don’t have the energy to argue with him. I know he wants me not to be hard on myself, since I keep saying that I should have not brought her around so much. Truth is I can’t tell if I feel better if he accuses me of buying fake bag or poor workmanship bag.
    So I share my story here with you… if you know how I can fix this, please let me know. I don’t think Prada has a repair centre but I am too nervous to take it to a cobbler.
    Thank you all for listening to my frustration. :crybaby:

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  2. Oh no! I think that's fixable though. Personally if you have a VERY trusted local cobbler/leather shop I'd take it to be repaired. Or there are a few places you can mail it that are also trusted/careful - Artbag in NYC has been around forever. They do quality work. Google them, they have a form you fill out to send the bag if you aren't local.
  3. Oh man!!!!! I feel awful for you....I'm sure it can be fixed...Do you live near a Prada boutique? If so..I'd take it there..if not..I'd go to a good/trusted cobbler as well...GOOD LUCK and keep us posted....yes my dear we understand your dilemma!!! WWWAAAAHHHHH!!!!
  4. Thank you so much my dear friends for listening. I know I spoke at the right place.
    It feels good to let it out to people who understand and not judge you.

    Unfortunately we just moved to bay area so we don't have trusted cobbler. Anyone can recommend one (SF area, East Bay, etc)? I don't even trust my own dry-cleaner and in the process of finding a new one and a new family dentist... hahaha.

    I am going to SF Prada boutique this Sunday and hopefully the SA can help.
  5. Try the Prada in SF.

    I'll ask a good friend who lives in the city with me if she knows a good cobbler and get back to you. :smile:
  6. Don´t worry! I had the exact same problem with my prada-I have the same bag as you but in a cream colour. After a yaer of use the handles got torn; when I touched the handle they felt at some points somehow "empty" inside because the filling of the handles got torn (I must admit I really did put some heavy stuff like a book in the bag and carried it a lot). I brought the bag to my local Prada boutique and they had sent it to Prada in Italy. After 4 weeks it was repaired and I didn´t even have to pay for it.

    Hope this helps!

  7. I'm not sure if this will work for the OP. Since she did not buy the bag from a boutique, I doubt that the boutique would fix it.

    I myself bought a tote from Neiman and the handles are showing sealant cracks. I doubt that Prada would accept it for repairs.
  8. ** Update...
    Yeayyy thanks ladyblunt
    This afternoon I called my SF boutique and they said to bring the bag along with authenticity cards to the store. They will mail the bag to their repair centre in NY.
    They'll charge me some fee because the bag is purchased over a year ago - but they don't think the amount will be huge. Oh well... I'll know better once I bring her to the store.
    The downsize is that it takes 6 to 8 weeks for repair :sad:

    So glad that this works out :smile:

    Thank you all for listening...

    linpaddy - you should also try your local Prada to see if sealant crack can be fixed. More likely they can and it needs to be shipped to NY too.
  9. I'm so glad to hear that you can get your baby fixed! Hopefully, you'll get her back in no time, just like new!
  10. Glad to hear someone can help! I am surprised though that this can happen with Pradas. I'll know not to overload them!
  11. Wow, if this is the case, then I will try my local Prada boutique.

    Thanks for the heads up!
  12. One of the first lectures you'll get from an SA I adore is "Never, ever, EVER overload your good handbags. They aren't meant to carry a ton of stuff and any bag will rip if you use it like a steamer trunk."

    Good advice. I cringe when I read about people using their fine designer bags to carry laptop computers and textbooks in them. :faint:
  13. OPPS :Push: I use my my Coco Cabas as a laptop bag... errr, I don't think I will do that anymore.
  14. i hope it all works out for you.....

    keep us posted.
  15. Unfortunately we just moved to bay area so we don't have trusted cobbler. Anyone can recommend one (SF area, East Bay, etc)? I don't even trust my own dry-cleaner and in the process of finding a new one and a new family dentist... hahaha.

    The Prada boutique should take good care of you. For future handbag and shoe repairs I highly recommend Dave at The Cobbler, 745 Laurel St. San Carlos, CA. About 1/2 hr drive south of SF--I go there on Saturdays when there's no traffic and it's a quick drive. He's kinda crazy but his workmanship is unsurpassed; he's fixed shoes and bags for me that I literally thought I'd have to throw out. I've lived in SF for ages and I take my stuff to him no matter how far the commute. :biggrin: