My Prada Jacket Collection!

  1. Besides my love for bags, the other weakness I have are Prada jackets!! :shame:

    Here's some of 'em! One more missing, all bought in a span of 1 winter!:P
    DSC04395.JPG DSC04139.jpg DSC04587.jpg DSC_0258-1.jpg
  2. i REALLY LOVE the 1st and the 3rd one. So Jealous!!!
  3. Wow, what a fab collection !

    The scarf in your second photo is just too cute too ! :yes:
  4. I LOVE your jackets! Esp the 2nd and 3rd one! :love: They look great on you!
  5. The first one especially looks great on you. Great collection !
  6. WOW! I have lots of Prada coats and jackets too..They are super comfy..I love them all...Cant resist buying them....Great collection..I have the long black one from 2 years ago...too!!LOL!
  7. the quality and styles!
  8. Beautiful jackets. love your style.
  9. :nuts: The red one is so darling!!!! Its so unique!! I really like it...all of them...great taste you have!!:yes:
  10. Very cute!! I agree, the red is cute. But they all look great on.
  11. Aren't Prada jackets the best? I'm a guy 'nd I also have some and I love them... One can put them both dressing more formally or casually...
    Great collection by the way ;)
  12. You are a gorgeous woman.
  13. Love them all, especially the red puffer. Too cute. And love your bbag too.
  14. omg i think i have your #2. Love the scarf accessory :smile:

    Good taste girlie!

    But all your jackets are fabulous!

    I'll have to post a pic of mine when I have a chance!