My Prada items came in!!! Give me your opinions!

  1. Just to preface this: Love Love the wallet so def keeping that! It's just so soft I can't keep from touching it! :heart:

    Now onto the bag: This is the bag I finally tracked down on the BG sale. I got the bag at a smokin' deal (878.00 orig 1350.00 (?)). Anyway, when I first saw it, I loved the's such a nice rich dark brown. However, upon inspecting it in more detail, I noticed the handles had some wear and rub off on it. :push: There are some minor marks on the bag as well but hardly noticable. I was a bit put off by the handles and although I know I got it on sale, I expected it to be in better form. In the interior pocket along w/ the prada auth cards, there were Chanel brochures in there too!!?? :confused1::confused1:

    I was a bit perplexed....anyhow, here are the pics. Keep or not keep? I'm kind of leaning towards returning and getting something I really really love. I think I'm hanging onto keeping it b/c of the color and just b/c I got such a great deal on a prada!!! Also, a little hesitant b/c it's not as big as I had anticipated..hhrrrmm...decisions decisions!!

    Excuse the attire. I'm about to pop and wasn't feeling very pretty (hence the blacked out face).;)
    misc 001.jpg misc 002.jpg misc 003.jpg misc 004.jpg misc 005.jpg
  2. i love your wallet it's so pretty! the colour the leather everything about it. congrats!
    about the bag, if i were you i would definitley return it and get something i really really like.
  3. I love that wallet!!! Thats the one I saw at the store!!! Its a keeper!!! I would probly return the bag and get something that I love. And I would want it in excellent condition even if it was on sale. I love the bag though:graucho: but the marks on them would bother me. And why were there chanel brochures in it? :confused1:

  4. Beats me! I was hoping someone else would know. I wonder if this was a return and someone haphazardly left these in here or if an SA put them in there by accident, etc.
  5. So do you plan to return it?
  6. You got a great deal on the bag. It sounds like it would look like that after a short while when you use it. If you love it otherwise, I would keep it.
  7. I wonder if I could take it some place like lovinmybags and see if they could repair the handles?
  8. OOOH! I adore that bag!!!!I missed it on sale...sniff!
  9. ^^do u think the handles can be repaired or something to that effect?
  10. ^Im sure a good repair shop could fix them
  11. See what they can do about it. I was looking at the pics again and it aint too bad actually. Its a lovely bag. Keep us posted!
  12. It sounds like you're not loving the bag so I'd return it.
  13. Love the wallet - I have it in black! As for the bag...the handles don't look bad...I'm sure they could be re-furbished. I love it...but if you don't (even if it would look brand new - which it almost does), send it back!
  14. I would not keep the bag just because of a good deal. Been there done that and regretted it later. Return the bag and get something that you really love.
  15. Well let me put it to you this way. I really love the bag, the color. It'll match so many things I have in my closet and it's so easy to carry due to the strap. I can carry it over my shoulder and crossbody as well. Every time I look at it, my heart just breaks when I think about returning it. But at the same time, I just wonder how much use I'll get out of it w/ a new baby. My fashion side and practical side are struggling internally!!! :push:

    At least I have 60 days to make up my mind...hehe!