My Prada Fairy Astro has arrived! PICTURES!

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  1. Sorry to have kept you waiting so long, bag spent days at the "foreign customs" but now it has arrived! Here are the pictures! Hope they make up for the waiting a little bit.
    I'm very happy with the bag, it looks splendid. The leather smells great and is very soft (esp the interior)...

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  2. SUCH A BEAUTY!!! Wow it is really stunning in Astro, CONGRATS :drool:
    You must have had a hard time waiting for it to arrive!!
  3. Sooo gorgeous! Congrats! How does the bag look when carried? Is it fairly structured or does it slouch?
  4. Thanks! It doesn't slouch when you hold it up or carry it over your wrists, it's a pretty sturdy bag. So you can see the illustration well when you wear it. I can even carry it over my shoulder!

    It's rainy now btw, I'm keeping the bag safely from my doors ;)
  5. GORGEOUS! Congrats!!!
  6. this bag is a piece of art!
    its gorgeous :smile:
  7. GORGEOUS!!! Love your grey fairy!!! I just can't get enough of these fairy bags!!
  8. OH MY GOD SOOOOO STUNNING!!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart:

    i LOVE IT!!!!:yahoo::nuts::love::love:

    i too bought an Astro (chose it over the Prugna after people's suggestions), and just waiting for it to arrive! i cannot wait, like i'm sure you couldn't!!! especially now after seeing your pictures, i am so glad i chose this color. so beautiful, and not as many people have it!

    by the way, will you be putting any sort of leather protector on it to prevent the bleeding issue?
  9. OMG it is GORGEOUS:drool:!! Congrats on your new bag and enjoy that baby!!
  10. Congrats marina18! Your bag is stunning! I have never seen one like this before.
  11. Lovely purchase! I actually saw a fairy bag in a Prada store in Italy when I was there in July and it was v nice! :tup:
  12. Hi Carlinha, yes I am planning for some protecting spray. I just don't really know what. Some people have let their prada be treated at a cobbler with a silicon spray. I just don't know if shoe repair shops in the Netherlands offer such sprays and service... And I'm a little afraid the ink will run DUE to spraying.... hmmm.. gonna think about it a little bit. I already have put a plastic bag in my fairy (in the zipper compartment).
    Nice that you will get an astro too! Will you show us the pics? :graucho:
  13. it's absolutely breathtaking, congrats!!
  14. DEFINITELY let me know what you decide to do about leather protection, and how it works out.... i will post pics as soon as it arrives, but probably not until late next week (trying not to think about all the time). sigh..... just dreaming of holding it in my hands until then....
  15. It looks BEAUTIFUL!