my Prada collection

  1. I would like to share my collection with you. it was bought at the Prada's stock in Italy.
    Prada travelling bag11.jpg prada suede bag.jpg Prada suede blue bag21.jpg
  2. Beauties!! Love the colors!! Thanx for the pics!!
  3. do you want to sell them by any chance?
  4. FYI--there's no selling here. You have to be part of the Marketplace to buy/sell.
  5. Does anyone know what Prada stock is?

    Also, there is no selling allowed. She's just posting her collection, so there is no need to ask.
  6. Nice collection!
  7. Great collection! Lovely colors.
    Thanks for sharing!
  8. You have some very nice Pradas. Thanks for sharing with us.
  9. Pretty bags, esp suede
  10. was she trying to sell? why was she banned?