MY PRADA collection so far ^_^

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  1. hey all, firstly i wan to thank u for allowing me ot share my small collcetion with everyone:P only YOU fellow peeps understand what is "PRADA OBSESSION" .....:graucho:

    anyone wan ot guess what are in these boxes?:nuts:

    next show and tell are bags...
  2. Key ring? But so many of them? And those aren't Prada boxes. Ah cmon LVPradafanatic--we're waiting....
  3. waiting impatiently...reveal reveal!!
  4. that is a lot of boxes..... a whole lot!!
  5. let's see
  6. hahaha...none of u guess it ...:P i wish i can get ALL of the bear but cant afford them:biggrin:


    p.s was wathcing project runway..thus delay
  7. bags are coming....
  8. hey are prada box its just that you cant see the prada because its on the top of the box not on the side
  9. ughhh i love them all i wish i could buy them all i only have one i never know when to buy them and when i go into the stores and ask they are always sold out :sad:
  10. Hey!!!!! What happened??!!!!! Dying to see....!
  11. here more accessories before the bags....:biggrin:

  12. Loves, but you're right, bring on the bags!!!
  13. Nice collection!
  14. here my 1st 3 bags ...:yahoo:

  15. here another 3 bags...