My Prada Collection albeit quite a small one

  1. Hi guys... I have been reading your posts for quite a while now, I think now should be the time for me to share my collection... Thanks for viewing...:idea:
  2. WOW, i wouldn't call that small. I love your Gauffre's. they are yummy! :smile:

    Great collection.
  3. It's small... just a fraction in fact... compared to Jill's... :sweatdrop:
  4. Its v nice! Def not small, u r so humble.
  5. Oh God. All those gauffres.. Is the super large leather one for guys as well?
  6. wow what a cute collection!!!! :smile:
  7. Looks like you and Jill share the same closet! ;)

    Nice goodies!
  8. Wow!! What a wonderful collection! Drools......
  9. Your collection is amazing and has such a great range! Thanks for sharing, I loved viewing it!
  10. I think it's meant for women, but if you or a guy wants to wear it - I don't see why not. Designers often share men and women designs in bags, and I think this would look great on a guy.
  11. Wow! Gorgeous! I was taking your word literally until I poked on the link to the pictures...:shocked:
  12. If that's a small collection, I have to see what a big one looks like! The Gauffres' leather looks amazing!

    btw, Jill doesn't have a collection- she has a store ;)
  13. You guys are fabulous :yahoo::heart:
  14. great collection, thanks for sharing!!
  15. very nice collection, biscuiterie! and a pink gauffre pouch -- :nuts: !!!