My PRADA 2008 bear collection ^_^

  1. hey all, i just got a few more bears from PRADA...these 3 are limited edition VALENTINE day bears...:yahoo::p

    love the red box and the black ribbon

  2. oooh I wanna see! I'm so jealous that you have any bears at all, the fall ones were super adorable!
  3. show us!
  4. here they are...:heart::rolleyes:

  5. these are all my PRADA bear collection...:p:heart:


  6. do i get at least a thank you!??! :smile:
  7. heheh..thxs so muhc...:heart::tup:
  8. LOVE them :biggrin::biggrin::love: Especially the pink one heheh. congrats!
  9. How much are the bears?
  10. omg!! sooo cute!! love them! where did you get them?
    question, tho - "limited edition"? weren't the other ones limited edition too? when i went into a store a couple of weeks ago, the SA was like, "sorry, the bears are completely sold out in every Prada store in the country"
  11. adorable!!
  12. thye are $150 each:tup:
  13. so sad! they won't ship them to me from asia... :sad:
  14. they are only in asia??
  15. i got them from all over USA..:graucho:. they are limited edition and once sold out, its GONE...:crybaby:

    the 3 VALENTINE bears are from ASIA