My PRADA 2007 bear collection ^_^

  1. Hey, first of all i wan ot thank one person from this forum who helped me to get the bears..:yahoo:

    MIU2 thxs os much for oging out all the way to helping me find the bears and making me soo happy...i really apprecaite it from bottom of my heart.:heart::flowers:




    i am missing the pink one bcos i am a guy....:supacool: 1 from Italy(venice),1 from Paris, 1 from Singapore, 2 from CA (with help form MIU2)
  2. OMG!!!
    Those are Adorable!!
  3. Aaawww, Geez Pradafanatic you're making me blush! :blush: You are quite welcome, it was a pleasure!! Now, if you (or anyone on tPF) knows where I might find the Pink bear, please pm me. I would appreciate it greatly!! :love:
  4. Those are SOO cute!
  5. Oh so cute, what a lovely collection! I really want a black one where can you get them...?
  6. those bears are adorable!!!
  7. cute!

  8. hhehe...thxs...:p it was hard getting them:flowers:
  9. OOoooh the bears are cute
  10. thxs so much AGAIN :flowers::heart:
  11. They are awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!
  12. PRADA Las Vegas, Bellagio is where I found the black bear. They had another black one at the time, so you might find it there. ;)
  13. thta was the reason i got them though expensive:p
  14. a-ha! so you are the reason i can't get a hold of em :crybaby: but they are soo cute, know of any store still have the carmel w/black skirt?
  15. aww, those are so cute!