My Poupette's new book

  1. I was just on the my poupette's website. She is releasing a book in two weeks called, "My Poupette's Guide to Buying Real LV Online".

    I think this is good for us that like to shop on ebay but bad in that fraudelent sellers will also have access to it. They may be better able to make super fakes because of this book. :cry:

    I don't know if this is a good or bad thing...... What do you think??
  2. I have this book, bought it few years ago
  3. Is it worth buying???
  4. If you are new to LV, it is a good reference. I think you can get most of the info from sites like PF if you are patient and read all the posts, though.
  5. ^^ agreed!
  6. I guess it's great for newbie otherwise you can get all free info from informative PFers.
  7. I was wondering about that, since I just received it (the guide) it's okay.... On ebay there is an indigo bedford which I find questionable.... but, we normally don't say that vernis is counterfeited, but this one just doesn't look right, and has an old dustbag.... food for thought...maybe I'll post it in the authenticate thread and see what people say...
  8. The Bedford's gone, but I got some good info from the book (I'm a newbie), such as how the symmetry of the logos are positioned on each side, etc. So, I know what I'm looking for now, with fakes... but, even fakes can have symmetry if they're very very good...
  9. I don't think there is that much info in her book that would help most counterfeiters that much. They are interested in making cheap bags to sell quickly and cheaply and aren't concerned much with small details.

    As to the super-fakers - well, it's one thing to know about lining up the LV's and what fonts to use, but it is another to get all the details just right in production. I think My Poupette's book (it's more of a pamphlet, really) is too general to help the super-fakers that much.