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  1. Sorry if this has been asked before. I did a search and couldn't find anything. I am totally new to the world of LV, but I have always wanted one. Is My Poupette reputable? I see eBay auctions saying they are authenticated and I see you can ask her to authenticate and auction for a fee.

  2. Our authentication is free here. If you go to the LV shopping sub forum, Clike on "authenticate this" and post your enquiry. Mypoupette sell bags and "most" mypoupette sellers are good reputable sellers but please search the LV forum with the sellers name before may get some info and reviews on that particualr seller. Thanks
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  4. Thanks so much.
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  6. just go here for authentication..
  7. Welcome to the board! And come here to authenticate. :yes: There's a greater chance you'd get an authentic bag from a MyPoupette reseller, but it's not always fool-proof. I actually think several (but not all) of the resellers overprice their items, and I only buy from a couple of them (such as Let-Trade).

    Also, I'm not a fan of MyPoupette authentications. They're slow and take forever to respond, and on and off they've given poor advice.
  8. way to go socialite.

    plus, mypoupette really is not up on their sellers any more.
  9. I second this also, they choose not to get involved when it's convient.
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