My Poupette?

  1. I'm sorry if this topic has already been covered previously, but I'm new to this forum. I was wondering is sellers that had the My Poupette stamp were to always be automatically trusted. Since I'm still learning on this topic, it would be nice to know that were a group of sellers that I didn't have to worry about.
  2. Are you asking sellers that had My Poupette? or sellers that have?
  3. I have seen posts on the ebay community board that suggest that there isn't always good oversight and quality control--so I guess the short answer would be no--it doesn't mean you can automatically trust the seller--it's unfortunate, if true. I have had no personal experience with My Poupette.
  4. I think you should be cautious when purchasing anything on Ebay. My Poupette, Alva or any other type of selling membership/organization you should always do your homework to be sure that what you are paying for is the real thing.
  5. Hi, allways click on the logo, if that does not enter you to a site then they are not a member. I think that no matter who you buy LV or any other designer from on Ebay, there is allways going to be a doubt of autenticity just because you yourself havent bought the item from the shop. I enjoy bidding on Louis Vuitton and Gucci from Ebay but I allways doubt in my mind if the item is authetic or not and I think this is very sad. But there are some good people on Ebay who will sell you authetic designer accessories and clothes, Mypoupette and Alva give you an extra percentage of peice of mind.

  6. Ebay has some rules about not having "clickable" icons on the listing pages, so a lot of MPRS and ALVA Sellers have the link on their "about me" page. It's a good idea to verify their status in any case, and exercise caution as others have mentioned here. :yes:
  7. You stand a better chance of getting an authentic item... BUT you should always ask for more info and pics no matter who the seller is.
  8. There have been MPRS's sell fakes in the recent past, so don't automatically trust them 100% just because they have the MPRS logo.

  9. I prefer to buy from MPRS because there is less worries about the authenticity on their items (provided that their status can be verified, i.e. clickable link and their names is really on the "list").

    The main reason why I have more confidence buying from them is because they have to have at least 20 or 30 (can't remember exactly) proven transactions on authentic items and all buyers have to be happy with the transaction before MP would consider giving them the MPRS status. I know MP is quite strict with their qualification requirements because they had approached me before for a transaction with an applicant (that's how I learned about MP). Not only did they ask me about the authenticity, they also asked me if I was happy with the service, delivery time etc and whether the seller was helpful or not! So after having 1st hand experience with their checking process and seeing that they are quite thorough, I feel more confident buying from the sellers on their list :yes:

    Could it be a stolen logo??? I have seen scammers faking MPRS status before............ :confused1:
  10. Nope. The actual recommended sellers were selling fakes. One actually claimed, and I quote, "I don't know what to look for, I just sell them."
  11. :wtf: That's horrible.
  12. 2 years ago I had Carol at mypoupette authenticate a LV bag on ebay for ended up being a fake. The same thing happened to a friend. I dont trust mypoupette and I could give a rats ass if someone is a mypoupette seller. I have seen plenty of MPRS auctions where the sellers were selling fake bags (mostly overseas sellers) your own homework and become as knowledgable as you can yourself on what youre buying and you should be fine, if in doubt, dont buy it. There isnt one person on this forum who is an expert on any bags on here. I have extensive Chloe knowledge, but would I authenticate a bag for anyone? no way, I am NOT an expert.
  13. I love your candid response, but has anyone seen any fake bags posted by MPRS lately (not asking for specifics, but I'm more interested of the current time frame)? So far, I haven't come across any seller on that list who was accused of selling a fake bag...then again, I've only been interested in Louis Vuitton very recently, so I'm definitely no expert.
  14. It's my opinion that I can trust an MPRS or ALVA seller select over a non-affiliated or "non-credentialed" Ebayer. Both organizations screen their approved sellers and there is an accountability there that is not present with your average Ebay seller. Does that mean you trust them blindly? NO! Yes, there have been instances of fakes being offered by an MPRS, but I would hope that it was a mistake and they did not knowingly try to pass it off a fake as authentic.
  15. Ummmm.. yeah... I just bought something from a poupetter (wont give names) and was so confident it was real, until I wore the bag into a LV boutique here in Westchester, NY.. and was told it was fake?!?!! Although they werent allowed to give written verifications of that...

    So, I emailed the person and she said that it was definitly real and the person at the LV store was "nuts and not a real LV lover"?!?! She wont give me a refund and I am so lost now.. Its been over the time limit since I cam file a paypal claim :confused1:

    I initally left Pos FB too because I thought it was real, then like a month and a half after only discovering it was fake... :cursing: