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  1. Can someone tell me about my Poupette? My sister recentlly purchased a bag from ebay, great seller, but says she sells lv and all are guranteed authentic through my poupette? what does that mean? how do they gurantee that the bag is authentic? thanks????? I believe the seller is great! she has 100% positive feedback and has sold tons of lv bags???
  2. Mypoupette is an online LV help site and tells you lots about fakes and how to not buy a fake, they also offer a service which you send the ebay item number of an item and they will tell you if its real or not. Mypoupette verified sellers are backed by mypoupette for selling 100% real items but please make sure you click on the mypoupette sign which they will have on the item page as some people copy it and say they are mypoupette verified, people who are verified have the mypoupette logo and you can click on it to enter mypoupette. please visit My - News and Updates for more info :smile:
  3. the site is great :smile:
  4. :wtf:You should probably read this first.
  5. HA!

    My poupette - doesn't mean squat!
    Post the LV item your interested in - in our authentication section.
    We have some Wonderful, knowledgeable people here on the board and you can trust them.

    My friend was ripped of by my poupette:tdown::tdown:
    and my other freind had a problem with a completely misrepresented bag and the poupette lady NEVER helped her.
    She promotes herselfs as the authentic LV person and many many people have had problems.
  6. Don't let the "MyPoupette" status sway you into buying a bag just because it says "MPRS" (My Poupette Recommended Seller). Focus on the BAG itself, get it authenticated for FREE here, and pursue it further and use

    I have never had any negative experiences personally with MyPoupette, but I do know there are others out there who have. I don't let the name affect my decision to purchase.
  7. My friend was sold a fake MC speedy from a My Poupette seller on ebay. I always used to trust them, now i don't trust them...I don't trust anyone anymore. Only elux and LV boutiques.
  8. There was an issue in another forum about a mypoupette seller. Seems like the seller had sold this girl a fake LV on ebay. Of course, the seller wasn't admitting this and kept repeating her status as a MPRS. If I were you, I'd have that bag authenticated by the girls here. At least while it's still covered by Ebay/Paypal's policies.
  9. I totally agree. My Poupette means nothing to me. :tdown:
  10. yeah i wipe.... my erm face with my poupette.
  11. These are serious accusations, MyPoupette has been wonderful for us for many years on eBay. You can't call Mypoupette a scam until she is proven guilty of it. What is written in the rip-off website can be count as libel in a court of law.
  12. not sure how it can be counted as libel. these are consumers reporting on bad transactions. Speaking as a consumer myself, i have found myself sold fake items from VERIFIED Mypoupette resellers. People who post on the ripoff website are people who really find themselves with no where to go, no one to help. i was one of them, though i didnt post on the website. I find it very unfair that youre defending the company and not the consumer and automatically assuming that these are all false statements..

    there is no reason why our PFers would lie about an experience and hurt a seller's reputation on purpose.
  13. What's this old thread doing here.. ;)

    Discussion about authenticity of items ? Authenticate this thread..
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