My Poupette?

  1. Are any of you members of My Poupette ? For those who buy on eBay etc do you think My Poupette makes you more likely to purchase from that seller? (i am interested as i am thinking of applying, but want to make sure it would be worthwhile)
  2. Generally speaking, I don't bid on an eBay purse unless I myself am sure it is authentic. Thus, I wouldn't care less if you were part of mypoupette or not. However, if it was a new purse that I really didn't know about, it would certainly increase the chances of having a sale - but it would by no means close the deal.

    If the costs aren't high, I would go for it. However, keep in mind that mypoupette is sometimes wrong. :sad:

    Lastly, if you're selling an authentic purse and your price is set accordingly, you're probably only going to attract buyers that know what their buying and thus don't need the reassurance of mypoupette.

    Summary: do it if the price isn't outrageous but don't expect your sales to go through the roof just on accord of that. Hope that helps! :yes:
  3. I've also heard that MyPoupette isn't right all the time. I don't really buy bags on eBay because there are so many fakes, but if I were to buy one, the clincher would be reinforcement from the various authentication threads on this forum. So My Poupette wouldn't influence me either.
  4. Its an excellant organization really probarly the best on the internet.
    I guess they must get it wrong sometimes with just photographs

    I think it does help but really agree with the comments above all full of sense

    good luck with your decision they also have a new auction site for authentic bags wow now that will be exciting
  5. Pretty much agree-I would not buy a bag from an MPRS just because they are MPRS. I have personally seen an MPRS selling a fake Fendi Spy, so I don't really trust the efficiency of their system. I reported this to MP and the seller is still on their MPRS list, so....
  6. My Poupette would not make me buy from a seller especially as I too have heard that they've got things wrong and dodgy sellers have used their logo.

    I would rather rely on what I know and the knowledge of those on tPF
  7. It's ultimately up to we buyers to do our own research if we are diving into the murky waters of buying designer handbags on eBay these days. It doesn't hurt to contact My Poupette for feedback on an auction, but I wouldn't let that alone make my decision. It's just another resource for info.

  8. I feel the same way.
  9. There is a discussion on eBay right now about a listed LV bag that is clearly wrong but it had been authenticated by MyPoupette and was featured on their website.

    I won't believe anything MP says anymore.

    Other people are recommending as an alternate and very good resource (she was from the original My Poupette and split) for authenticating bags.

    She also doesn't have the volume MP has so she does it more quickly, apparently.
  10. if ever buying on ebay, I always use, never MP as they take a long time to repond and trust their acuracy.
  11. MPRS means nothing to me.
  12. It might make me consider a bag more seriously, but it certainly wouldn't be a certain recommendation. Partly, I am wary as I think MP has got it wrong a few times but mostly because I think buying a high end bag on ebay is a risk and I have to take responsibility for deciding to take that risk which means research, intuition and a bit of courage is required. I have so far been very lucky and MP really played very little part in my buying decisions.
  13. I saw that. The datecode is clearly wrong--even a newbie can spot it, so I guess my faith in MP is shaken. The concensus seems to be that MP has just gotten too big and maybe a bit sloppy.
  14. I don't look at MPRS any differently. I am more apt to buy from someone who gives *me* the options for verifying authenticity (for example, actually encourages bidders to verify authenticity on this board and the ebay board).
  15. Thankyou for this information . I will take a look at her site as i am definately not convinced on the Mypoupette